Requested Modafinil

Hey my lovelies, as you know I have really been struggling with tiredness hence my last post. Getting 10 awake hours per day and spending half of these at work is kind of depressing. I got some great advice from your reply's and I thank you all sincerely. So here's where im at at the minute......I am now taking any medication that have any possibility of drowsiness at night time about 1hr before bed instead of the morning. In the morning I just take my Ursofolk......seems so simple but it never actually crossed my mind....big thanks to chynablue for that little gem!

I have also contacted my consultant at the hospital and requested a prescription for Modafinin/Provigil. I am hoping to hear back from his secretary at some stage today and if not very soon. I am feeling fresh as a daisy again this morning and am hoping that im not as tired in the afternoon as in recent times. I only slept for 3 hours yesterday when I got home instead of my usual 4 and actually sat up with my hubby and watched a film so there's hope. It felt so good sitting downstairs a few hours and getting a little glimpse of normality instead of catching Zzzzz's in bed.

I have somehow gained the strength to fight for my life (being awake that is) and I shall keep you all posted as to what my consultant says......I believe with small changes we can grasp a little normality here and there......Never give up! love to you all, Suzanne x

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  • Hey! That's great news if you can benefit from my past mistakes ha ha :) This just made my day!

  • Sounds positive...well done!

  • Soooooo I have unfortunately been refused Modafinil/Provigil. I may continue to sleep my life away. Feeling very defalted at the min, but I shall make the most of it........hoping you are all as well as well can be.....Suzanne xxx

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