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Oxford Study

Yesterday I participated in a study by Perspectum Diagnostics in Oxford. They are still looking for participants particularly those with fatty liver disease.

Two scans were taken, one a fibro scan and one an MRI scan, follow up questions and a short interview afterwards. The general idea (I hope I am getting this completely correct) is to prove the value of the MRI scan in diagnosing liver diseases rather than continuing with the invasive surgery of the liver biopsy. As far as I understand it this method would be a cost effective way of patients receiving a quicker diagnosis without all the worries that surround biopsies. I asked to participate in this study in the expectation of giving something to our PBC community, I did not expect to have gained so much from the study and the members of Perspectum Diagnostics.

Information about the study can also be found on the Liver North facebook page.

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