Can we take Aloe Vera?

Hi everyone,

I've been reading up about aloe Vera and it's wonderful healing properties, including a natural detoxifier, supports the immune system, packed with lots of vitamins and minerals etc... Some internet sites suggest it's beneficial to take aloe Vera juice (made from inside the leaf only), whilst there seem to be some reports where people taking aloe supplements can suffer from hepatitis (although it's not clear if these supplements are just the inside gel or the leaf as well).

So, I'm it beneficial for us or not?

Does anyone have any words of wisdom?

Many thanks all.


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  • Hi Hils,

    I used aloe gel on a second degree burn my son had 20 years ago.  I was told it encouraged burn healing in part by increasing blood flow to the surrounding skin.  However I haven't really used it since then.  Think it comes in 2 forms, gel and latex and crushed leaves, which may be a mixture of the two.  Like other supplements, you need to check what's in it, buying from a reputable source etc as aloe latex form, I think is not advisable to take internally.

    Around the same time there was a lot of aloe being sold, like an Avon party, both as a drink and as a 'all healing' skin gel.  I've heard of people using it for acne.  A form of it was being tried with HIV but I have no idea why and if it was in any way successful.

  • Thanks badpiglet for your reply. I find it really soothing for sunburn...just thought I could make more use of big plant I have growing...such as smoothies etc!!

  • Aloe is a healthy food.  But concentrating the aloe and putting it into capsules in high doses is probably not a good idea.  You can get the health benefits in small doses of fresh aloe.

    The jelly inside the tough outter leaf is great for healing cuts, burns, and sunburns when applied to the skin.  Some people report that eating the jelly helps them with acid reflux and stomach problems by healing the lining if the stomach and digestive system.  My Cherokee ancestors have been using aloe for centuries.  My grandma always has aloe plants in her house!

    Some people drink aloe juice made from the jelly, but a lot of the bottled aloe juice that I have seen has added sweeteners or even artificial sweeteners which are not very healthy.  

    I haven't found an aloe juice that I trust.  Which is fine because the plants are easy to get and grow at home.  Just cut off a leaf, cut the leaf lenthwise, and scoop the jelly off the skin.  Throw it in your blender with fresh water or add it to your smoothie or eat a tablespoon raw right off the fresh leaf.

  • Hi chynablue,

    I agree with you in off the shelf products! Most off the shelf stuff has lots of other nasties in it. I have a great big aloe Vera plant growing which I gel from if I get sunburnt (rare occurrence here in Wales!!).

    I'd like to put it in smoothies etc if it's OK for us with PBC as I've read about its wonderful properties.

    Thanks for your reply

    Hilary x

  • I used Aloe Vera gel when I got a bad sunburn in the Bahamas. It stung like crazy - I've used it before in the past (years ago) and I never had that reaction - but the sting was horrible. Now knowing I have PBC - I'm curious if that reaction is related to that.

  • Hi Becca,

    I've used the gel for sunburn and whilst the smell isn't great it soothes my skin maybe it was a different aloe Vera gel or maybe it had something else in it? A lot of packaged products have other things in as well, and sometimes very little aloe Vera gel.

    I think, if it's safe, it might be useful to soothe itching skin, when the dreaded itch strikes!!

    Thanks for your reply

    Hilary x

  • I don't know - it was aloe vera. Once back from the Bahamas - I had what's referred to online as HELL'S ITCH - absolutely horrible itching. I wonder how much of the PBC played in a role in that temporary itching - it was insane. I cried and screamed because of the persistent itching. Glad it was only temporary

  • I've been drinking Aloe Vera gel for the last 9 months and it's helped with my stomach problems and boosting vitamin levels. I use the gelly for stings, burns and itching as well. I get my vitamins and bloods checked every few months and all except iron have either stayed the same or increased. I take iron tablets to increase theses levels. I find it helps with energy levels and general wellbeing, my mum has fibro and RA and drinks it everyday and feels the benefit in terms of her wellbeing. I've got reviews of products in my website/blog if you want to have a look adventuresofstickgirl.wordp... if you've got any questions just ask xx

  • Ah that's good to hear it beneficial...I used some the other night for the itch, straight from the certainly helped but it didn't smell too great, lol!!

    thanks for the link :-)

  • I'm glad it's helped you ☺️ I drink the gel and it tastes horrid, but it helps me so I just take it. Good luck with it! Xx

    I'm on FB if you want to chat more xx

  • Hi Victoria...I'm already friends with you on Facebook 😉. Small world eh? Thanks for the advice xxx

  • Ha Ha! Yep very small world! I don't connect this group with anything else 😄 Xx

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