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I zonk out after eating

I have had PBC for 4 years now and I have been on Urso and feeling fine. Living a normal life and still working full time. Recently tho every time I have eaten my evening meal I completely zonk out... It's as if I have been drugged... There is no way I can fight it. I am sparked out for anything from 1 or 2 hours. But then when I do go to bed later I cannot sleep ! Writing this its 5.30 am ! Also when I am in bed what doesn't help is my feet and ankles ache like mad. They feel weak. Anybody else had these symptoms ? Happy new year everyone too. Xx

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My feet feel odd at night. I have just put it down to the PBC. Sometimes I move them around a bit to try and relieve the discomfort. I have a bed to myself so if I am wriggling I do not disturb my husband.

Fatigue is one of the symptoms but it sounds like you need to break the routine evening sleep and go to bed earlier. Conserve your energy whee possible.

Happy new year.


That was one if my first symptoms. I cut fat out of my diet no fat or low fat only, spray to fry in & defo no Indian takeaways they were the worst. Then 3 months later I went t total. Haven't zonked out since. Xx


I would agree with teddybear7, in that using low fat foods, together with cutting out heavy carbohydrates (potatoes, pasta), chocolate and sweets (makes my legs feel itchy and like creepy-crawly feeling); no problems since not eating sugary sweets for a few months now but generally feel much better with a healthy-eating regime. Hope this helps.


HI Sandgroundergirl, please check with your doctor. Something doesn't sound right. Sometimes people can feel like this if their blood sugar is spiking up and down, which is not good. Several things can cause swelling in the extremities, too... I wonder if that is why your feet and ankles are aching? Regardless, I think its worth checking it out.

Perhaps try elevating your feet above your heart while you lie on your back to help the circulation and to take some of the pressure off the ankles. Keep an eye on sodium in your meals as well as the other things that have been suggested here.

I once passed out after eating dinner at a friend's house. The meal was high is processed carbs, sodium, and fat. The artificially sweetened "low calorie" ice cream bar for dessert was no help either. I felt strange after eating and went to lie on the couch. I feel asleep immediately and slept for 2 hours. It was scary!

I haven't been back for dinner there since haha!

I hope you feel better soon!


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