Does anyone suffer from racing heart and sometimes even palpitations after eating?

I was diagnosed following a biopsy in 2010 and have had the problem of a racing heart and occasionally palpitations after eating, for serveral years before. I also suffer from chronic insomnia, where I wake in the middle of the night with a racing heart and in a state of anxiety. I know this is because of what I've eaten rather than having any mental/anxiety issues that concern me. My consultant and GP both say it's one of the unexplained symptoms of PBC and my GP has recently prescibed sleeping pills. I'd be really interested to hear if other PBC sufferers have this problem.

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  • I do had racing heart and palpitations. Never made to conection with eating. Is is certain foods or just the act of eating?

  • On the whole, it's after eating anything although It's far worse if I eat chocolate or drink a caffeinated or alcoholic beverage. I guess that a reaction to these foods & drinks is to be expected but I only have to have a tiny amount to affect me - I feel wired after a cup of tea and I'll only be able to sleep for a couple of hours before I'm awake and buzzing. I wonder, is this normal?

  • Some people are extreemly sensitive to even a small amount of caffeine. On top of that our livers are not working at 100%. Can you tell me more about the buzzing? Is that different from heart racing?

  • Yes, I've had a racing heart, a pounding heart, a flip-flop heart and palpatations for years. Long before the PBC diagnosis. I've seen several Cardiologists and worn a heart monitor twice. One was a 24 hour monitor and one was a 30-day monitor. The doctors all tell me the same thing, "Don't worry about this, it's considered a benign condition."

    Eating or drinking too much caffeine can set my heart off but the biggest one is STRESS! I was told by one doctor that I can stop a racing heart by "holding my breath for about 10 seconds or bearing down for a few seconds." Both seem to work very well!

    I know this is a scary condition but I can't find a doctor that thinks it's important. I hope this information will help you.

  • I too have a racing heart and palpatations. I have had seen a Cardiologist and had a cardiogram and wore the heart monitor etc. Cardiologist said heart looked fine. That was all about 2 years ago.Recently I developed high blood pressure and my racing pulse is now being taken a little more seriously. I am still under investigation but I am now aware that it goes really fast with stress (and as a PBC sufferer I get alot of that), and strangely it does the same when I first lie down. As I know there is nothing wrong with my heart I suspect its something to do with the "bad wiring problems" Im experience. My GP asked for an urgent appointment with a neurologist as she seems quite concerned, got my appointment this week for 13th July. Oh well I guess the medical profession should share some of the responsiblity for my stress!!!

  • I used to have but don't seem to of had them for a while. I don't drink coffee, I have about 1 cup of tea a month , if that. Don't eat very much bread, cake's or chocalate, don't eat pies, pasties ect, have none or very little alcohol once in a while.

  • I have a racing heart and palpatations, at times. Some mornings after i'm up for a few minutes, my blood pressure sometime drops. I feel faint and unable to see my face in the mirror. So for this reason, I saw a Cardiologist. He said there was nothing wrong with my heart. In my 20's and 30's, it would race so hard you could see my clothes move..

  • I have not personally had any problems with a racing heart or palpatations although I do have a heart murmur which I have had since birth. However, I do know that there is a harmless condition that can stop the heart beating momentarilly and then it kind of restarts itself but has to go a wee bit faster for a wee while to get back into the rythm. Sometimes the person can also have a wee panic attack as a result of the sensation if they don't know what is going on. A cardiologist said that this is quite a common sensation but I would still urge people to go and get checked out with the doctor if they experience any symptoms in case it is something more serious.

    Like lindaclark, I don't drink coffee. I am, however, a tea jenny but only drink de-caffenated tea and sometimes de-caffenated coke. I do not drink alcohol and eat healthily. x

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