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Supplements continued

I posted a little while ago about checking my Vit D. and had a wonderful response from all you good people out there.

I took the test and have received my results which came back as "adequate" and gave me the numbers which I googled for confirmation of how to proceed. As this adequate result is just after a 3 week sunshine holiday in November I have sent for the Vit D and have also sourced a suppy of Vit K. I have decided to try it for three to six months to see if I feel any better.

best wishes

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Hi ButterflyEi,

I remembered seeing a few posts on various sites about vitamin deficiencies with PBC so I asked my specialist who asked my Doctor for Vit A & D tests, they couldn't do Vit A but My Vitamin D test came back deficient (although not as bad as it could be) and I started taking tablets about 3 weeks ago. I do feel I have had a bit of an energy boost since taking them, I am still tired but getting more done, hard to explain. They have also done a test to check my calcium but I have not had the results.

Hope it helps you xx

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