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Chronic fatigue and medication

Hi everyone,

I visited my GP yesterday after being gripped by fatigue and joint pain for many months. He has diagnosed chronic fatigue syndrome (ME) and prescribed Fluoxetine (Prozac) 20mg every morning. He explained that can act as a mild stimulant and is very successful in treating CFS. Although I am desperate to claim my life back I am also a little worried about taking Medication. He has assured me that it will not complicate or make worse my PBC.

Has anyone else accepted this kind of treatment for fatigue and if so, was it successful?

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Fatigue is to be expected with PBC apparently. They thought I had fibromyalgia at first & put me on something similar it sent me loopy. Gp threw it in the bin. If your a member if the foundation look up fatigue in the compendium. Or join if your not they're a great help with all this.


Hi Shiloh 119, I recently had to see a PBC specialist for an OHS report. He informed me that one of the questions he had been asked was if I was suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. He told me that you cannot be diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome if you have been diagnosed with PBC as chronic fatigue is a symptom which affects 80% of PBC patients. I would seek further advice from your consultant or the PBC foundation. Hope this helps 😊

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Thank you for taking time to reply Tigger858 and teddybear7. Yes, I was thinking that the fatigue was due to the PBC too, although my GP still thinks that the medication will help to get me back on my feet again. Wether it's a symptom of the PBC or a stand alone illness doesn't really worry me too much. I just would like to feel a little better in myself. It concerns me more taking Prozac as I'm sure it had bad press a few years ago, however I am starting to feel desperate to find some relief from this dreadful fatigue, so may give it a go.


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