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Hello everyone,

I suffer from the dreaded extreme fatigue and I've recently been to my GP three times explaining that I have severe fatigue and she keeps recommending antidepressants. I think I've already mentioned in another post that she didn't even recognize me and in a matter of seven weeks has prescribed three separate prescriptions of the same drug. I repeatedly explained to her that I'm not depressed and that it is extreme fatigue. I am willing to try anything to help the tiredness but my understanding is antidepressants are not going to help that. Does anyone take antidepressants mereiy for the fatigue problem? I'm truly interested because if it helps I'm willing to try anything, but from what I read off the Internet, it's not going to tackle the issue fatigue. Anyone out there that can shed any light on this whatsoever it would be really greatly appreciated. I'm not someone who tolerates drugs anyway, never have so I don't want to go on anything that I don't have to. She has prescribed Zoloft/sertralin Thanks

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  • Scoutfinchlondon,

    Honey, it's time to fire that GP and get a new one. We pay big $$$ to them to listen and help us. They work for us. If she isn't doing her job..... find someone else that will.

    I've been through 2 naturopaths, and 1 GP. Currently I don't like my Rheumatologist because he gives me 5 minutes and snaps at me when I ask questions. My last bill from him was over $700. I'm sorry, I want more for my money.

    We pay for insurance... We pay co-pays, office visits, for meds that many times aren't exactly right for us and make us even more miserable. We deserve to find some one who will listen and try to help us.

    Collect your records and look at reviews of other GP's in your area. I promise you, once you find the right doctor... So many things will fall into place.

    Stella ❤

  • Thanks Stella. That's exactly how I feel but I'm in the U.K. It's a postcode lottery here. My previous GP's Surgery in London was fantastic but I live in small town by the sea where healthcare is abysmal. I may have to move back to London. I'm so fed up beyond belief. Took over a year & half to ditch the rheumatologist here who Kept saying nothing was wrong w me despite ama titre 160 (now 360) Long story but now being treated in London where people believe you, treat you, refer you to appropriate other care providers such as hepatologist. Because I have severe dry eye, I've had to quit work as I can't see. It's really severe! So money is a massive issue for me right now. I have to stay within the NHS. Can't go private yet. I do need to make a plan to tackle the healthcare issues though. Thanks for your reply.

  • I understand. I'm sorry. I thought you were in the states.

    I have dry eye too. Pretty bad. Guess this doesn't get better with meds for our RA?

  • I'm on cyclosporine and doxycycline for eyes. They are preparing me for punctual plugs but now they may have to rethink it as I'm not well enough. I've had brilliant eye care with top top doctors. ALL a long way away. The problem with gp is you pretty much have to stay local to get your meds etc. but I may even have to go back to London for that. Thanks for your time. I'm actually from Texas, born in NYC, lived in LA and spent lots of time in CO & Sante Fe NM. 😊

  • I'm so sorry about all the health issues. I totally understand. How did you end up in the UK?

  • Been here for 30 years. Moved for job.

  • I was already on antidepressants when my fatigue kicked in. No it doesn't help the fatigue its awful, nothing helps mine except giving in to it. Hope this helps.

  • Hi, I too was already in antidepressants before diagnosis, docs do sometimes mention maybe the extreme (like you) fatigue is depression, but I tell them clearly it's not. I wake up every morning, with a smile and hope, I don't chose to be like this, but maybe today will be a 'better day' and I'll be able to function for an hour or two. Definitely don't go down that antidepressants Road, I am on venlafaxine which keeps my depression manageable. I've had to give up a 30 yr civil service career because of the fatigue, and it's not as if you can go part time because there's no knowing wen them 'poorly day's as I call them will strike!! I wish I knew the answer too, is it food related? Is it environmental related? I live in a fairly poor air quality area - moving nearer my daughter cause I struggle most days, but my motto is - there's always somebody worse off than me :-) keep strong scoutfinchlondon x

  • I live in the US, according to the doctors, specialists, & whoever else will listen, there really isn't any treatment for the chronic fatigue we experience. It's very unfortunate for us that this is what we battle daily. No one seems to get it because they cannot see how this feels for us. I usually feel at my best when I wake in the morning. My fatigue hits, & it hits hard, more towards the afternoon & is debilitating throughout the evening. I have around three hours of feeling decent. Most of the time. But, some days I can't even put one foot in front if the other.

  • Exactly!!!

  • Sorry you are having such a bad time at the moment. I live in a small town by the sea in the south. My GP is great so I promise not all gps outside of London are bad. Try changing your Gp and see if that helps at all even if it's with the same practice

  • Thank you for encouragement. I did switch 4 months ago & really was hoping it would work. I had the same gp for 15 years in London & got the best care. They weren't perfect but at least they listened, believed, helped & referred me when I needed it. They also put their hands up when they didn't know something & then would research it. The only other gp practice in my catchment area is in special measures. What's weird is how arrogant they are along with receptionists. Never experienced this before. I'm south by the sea too. Moved here 19 months ago in order have a slower cleaner (air/sea) way of life but it's been the worst move of my life in terms of medical. 1 year to get physio for muscle wastage. 8 months to get hearing aids "replaced". Gp told me I had unhealthy lipids and needed statins when I didn't. Fought for 7 months trying to get her to simply put the numbers into the NICE QRISK2 chart (readily available on the internet) where I had less than 3% risk of CVD & less than 1% risk stroke over next 10 years. I had to report her to the General Medical Council. They get paid to "counsel" people for bad cholesterol & putting on statins. She then wrote to me after months of stress & admitted she was totally wrong & I was right, that I was never at risk.😤 Don't need the extra stress. I left her practice & new GP also bad.

  • There are still no licensed medications for fatigue in PBC, which is a challenge for everyone concerned.

    In our experience, self-management has the biggest single impact on fatigue and its effects on quality of life. Feel free to call us and we can discuss this.

    Alternatively, there are a number of webinars that have been recorded and are on the Foundation's website (in the section for our Registered Service Users). If you haven't joined the Foundation, you can do so for free and have access to this additional information.



  • Go with exercise, you'll feel better about your body, sleep deeper, have more energy. Avoid sugar, fats, alcohol, salt. These foods are NOT "fun" foods.

  • I do all this. I was super super fit before this hit, doing swan dives off the top platform at the Olympic pool. Gym classes15 hours a week. Cycled 50 hours a week. I'm ill now. I can't do those things anymore. I can barely move some days.

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