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Lft's & ketones

Just a quick question. Been feeling unwell since yesterday just came out if the blue, having serve pains around my the back of my rib cage then spreads through my body almost like very bad flu symptoms but I don't have a flu. And feeling unbelievably cold had to go to bed with the electric blanket on to try and warm up . Went to my doctor and she checked me out .... said there were alot of ketones in my urine? I eat regularly so it's nothing to do with that. She gave me blood results from last week's samples

Ast/Alt is 287

Alkaline is 578

Gamma is 857

Just wondering I'd anyone has experienced anything like what happened to me yesterday and if ye have ketones on urine and what is your Lft's reading at ?

Thanks xx

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I've never had Ketones mentioned to me. What did the Doc say? Maybe just extreme fatigue? Have to say I'm nearly always cold :)


I'm always cold too by this was different I thought I would die last night with pain and been cold it was in believable. I got an awful fright. The ketones could be another sign of my liver not doing so good .... I've gotten my med dose raised last week and bk on rifamplin and steroids again. And ursofalk 1000mg now. I'm stage 4 now

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Lynda, hate ther steroids, but they do work. Hopefully you are feeling better soon. Keep us posted x


Hello lynda75.

Ketones in urine can be due to blood sugars. My son-in-law and granddaughter are both insulin dependent diabetics and can have them in their urine.

I don't know if there are other reasons for these ketones, that is all I know regarding them and blood sugars.

I suppose variouis things can alter our LFTs from time-to-time, meds that we are on for eg and possibly if we are notso good. With PBC I expect the numbers could rise that little bit more but once something is dealt with they may go back down again if they have risen. Only a doctor can probably answer this one.


r u diabetes ? body produces ketone when they burn body fat instead of carbs. it can be both normal and abnormal depends of patients diagnosis. u have to talk with ur dr. regarding ketone..


Hi Linda, this seems quite weird but out of the blue I also experienced really sharp pain above my ribs and throughout my body especially when I breathed in. I also had Pains in head. This only lasted about a day and I didn't visit my doctor. I felt quite unwell and like you I had been feeling well until then. I did wonder if it could have been some sort of virus as there's always something going the rounds. Hope you're feeling better now.


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