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Constant nasal blockage & Post Nasal Drip

For 3 months now I have had nonstop blockage in my nose. The obstruction fluctuates between my left and right nasal cavities. * Nose is also producing absolutely no mucus to blow out at any time of the day. It is constantly dry and I feel moderate pressure. There is no flow of mucus in liquid form at all. If I try and blow my nose, my ears instantly clog, as if you were holding your nose and then blow like feeling (airplane).

I've also had Posterior Nasal Drip too. The worst is when I try and fall asleep there is an over production of thick mucus in my throat to the point where I cannot breathe. I am constantly swallowing the fluid and drinking water by my side all throughout the day and before I go to bed.

* It feels as if the something has blocked my air passage in my nose almost entirely, and therefore there is no outflow of mucus to blow out (even after a shower). And because of the obstruction there, the mucus has nowhere to go but flow backwards into my throat (P.N.D.).

Will somebody please help me, give me advice as to who I should see and what I should do? Any ideas as to what could be causing this? Whatever the cause is, my allergies and sinuses have never flared up to this degree of misery. I've taken Flonase for years and its effects are dismal now.

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Hi I have this. It is the most distressing symptom I have, not that I can relate it to PBC. I was referred to ENT specialist last year who diagnosed allergic rhinitis and I was found to be allergic to dust and grass. At times both my nostrils block and I am unable to breathe through my nose yuk. I have beenprescribed nasonex nasal drops which appear to be working well at present. I am dreading summer, it is bad enough in the winter. I also have a nasal polyp but the ENT specialist won't remove it unless it becomes infected. I am in the UK. You have my complete sympathy.


Hi Planosuperman,

I don't have any personal experience of anything like this, but I did notice the list of 'Related Posts' which appears on this page, just to the right of your post. Have a look, as some may offer advice and lead you to fellow sufferers. It does sound from what a few of them say that this could be linked to Sjorgen's syndrome. Have you been diagnosed with that? It can be quite common among PBC sufferers.

Hope this helps,

Take care,



I agree with GrittyReads. I also have Sjorgen's Syndrome, many PBC people get in. It's another auto immune that drys out your salivary glands caursing dry burning eye pain, tooth decay and very dry mouth.

Ask your GP or better yet just look it up on the internet there is a lot of information about it.

Feel better!



I had something a bit similar. I had to keep correcting my voice and coughing.... then I went on hols to a spa and they recommended a treatment for clearing sinuses (even my GP hadn't suggested I had a sinus issue). I'd had this problem for 8 months and 40 mins after the Ayurvedic spa treatment called Prana Breath (involving putting strange oily drops up each nostril and massaging the face vigorously) it had gone!!!


I too have had this.".. I bought a nasal wash and used it a few times to flush out all the blockages.... I did this every night for a fortnight. Then I rubbed KY gel up each nostril too help lubricate and stop the dry itchiness. Now I get it occasionally and repeat the process.


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