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PBC and RA

Hi Everyone,

I have had PBC for at least 8 years and I have just seen the Reumatologist for suspected RA. Next appointment at the end of November to go through the x-rays, ultrasound and blood tests. Has anyone got PBC and RA? What are you taking? The Reumatologist said that he needed to speak to the gastroenterologist to see what can I be given. I just wanted to know what other people were going through and what to expect. Thanks.

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People with PBC often have at least one other autoimmune condition, the most common ones being Sjogren's Syndrome, Coeliac's, Thyroid, osteoporosis and RA.

From what is understood, neither your PBC causes your other condition nor your other autoimmune conditions cause your PBC. They are all manifestations of immune system issues, not necessarily issues with the various parts of your body (joints, liver, etc).

I, too, would be interested to know how many people here are affected by RA and PBC. We have friends in the organisation "Arthritis Care" who may well have a presence here too. I shall try to speak to them with regards RA but also what they know of any crossover.

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Thank you for your reply. I posted this in the NRAS community and I go a reply from a lady who also had it but unfortunately she couldn't tolerate any medication, only prednisone. I hope this is not the case for everyone.



I have inflammatory Arthritis but no Rheumatoid Factor with PBC. I take Hydroxychloroquine which helps....my next stage drug is Sulphasalazine which I know Gastro have some concerns about, and will involve close monitoring.



I was diagnosed with PBC last year. In the previous 2 years I had several episodes of inflammatory arthritis, I did have one elevated Rh factor, but when checked again by rheumatologist it was normal. Because I only had attacks every few months he said to just use anti inflammatories as needed. However in the last couple of years I have had not further arthritis symptoms, so hoping it stays away.


I have inflammatory arthritis and PBC . I'm sure they are related . I'm on methotrexate which works so well .


Thank you Puddles and Milo2002 for your reply. I can't wait for the end of November when I go back to the Rheumatologist


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