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This is an update to a recently asked question I posted, about how many people have had an MRI/MRCP of the liver. I had difficulty taking the MRCP because of having to hold your breath for 30 seconds, over & over, & repeating this 15 times. My hepatologist then calls to say the test looked fine, however some of the pictures were fuzzy, so he wants me to repeat the MRCP again in 6 months. Today I talked to his nurse & asked her why can't I just have the liver ultrasound. I told her that unless he can give me a very valid reason, I am not going to take the MRC again. She then says that although he thinks its unlikely, he wants to rule out PSC overlap, since there were some bile duct irregularities in the last MRCP. So now, I guess I have something more to worry about.

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Hi, next time you have the test, tell the technologist about the problem with the breathing , how you felt & how it affected the test results-- maybe you would benefit with small amount of oxygen--nasal cannula. So that you can hold your breath better, tell the doctor you are willing but maybe you need some help in this stressful situation. Is it a good machine? Maybe a newer model machine would be better? Very important to have good diagnostic imaging for accurate assessment of your condition. Good luck!

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Maybe your doctor can prescribe a tranquilizer or Zanax to help relax you! My question is always what are you going to do differently if you find what you suspect.....my Gastro tells me, the same as we are doing now, just more information....Good Luck, I feel the same way about that test as you do. Email me if you want to discuss further. Stonellilaura@yahoo.com


I will never have and MRCP again, I have severe panic attacks and it was like death for me, I had my gallbladder removed and now they found a stone in the common bile duct which showed up on Catscan with dye and Ultrasound, so why is this MRCP necessary, not to mention my insurance only covers so much and the places here who perform the MRCP want payment up front, to me if I couldn't finish the test like last time, I would not get my money back and the test would be useless, so I told my doctor I WILL NOT have another MRCP....


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