I recently had an MRI & MRCP of the liver. I had a big problem with the MRCP & had to go back the next day to finish the test. I was unable to finish because you are asked to hold your breath for 30 seconds, exhale slowly, then inhale deeply again, hold 30 seconds, exhale, etc. This had to be done back to back, consecutively, over & over. After doing this 14 times, I was exhausted, out of breath & my chest hurt. I could not continue, therefore, I had to come back the next morning to finish, another dozen reps of this. Has anyone else had the MRCP & if so, were you able to perform all 24 reps of the breathing thing?? Just wondering.....

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  • I dont remember it was that many times i had to breathe in, for me it was less. I hated it, worst experience i have ever had, i specifically told my doctor i would never have that done again, ever. I'm claustrophobic and i think i had a panic attack in there. The technicians were not very helpful or understanding either. My upper back cramped due to stress and i was crying and they didnt take me out. However, there are some that are open sided and maybe those are not as bad as the closed ones. I had it done in closed one because open sided were not available in my area. So, dont worry, I dont think its an easy procedure for any of us.

  • Thanks for your experience. I wondered if I was the only one that had a problem with this. I don't think I can take this test again. I too, am claustrophobic, & then holding the 30 second breaths, repeatedly, just compounded the stress. Now I need to figure out how to tell my doctor I do not want to take this MRCP again in 6 months. I just don't understand the need for this test, instead of the annual ultrasound. I am afraid if I refuse this test he will get the attitude that he is trying to help me & if I refuse the test he will "back off" of trying to be thorough.

  • Yes, it was a very uncomfortable test and I will never have it again

  • They did my mrcp to discard any gallstones...i dont think that its a routine test for pbc. I think an US is routine, tell your dr your experienxe and ask if there is an alternative. I would rather change dr than go through that again.

  • Hi hun I had and MRCP under sedation, whay were you not offered this option xx

  • Thanks for your reply Connie. I was offered & received 2, Xanex sedative pills, which are for anxiety & are very mild. You cannot be given more, because they do not want you to hinder the test, by possible dozing, while they are giving you instructions like, inhale/exhale/hold breath 30 seconds, over & over again for 15 times. The problem was my chest hurt, & I was out of breath & exhausted, therefore, I could not continue.

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