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Help please ... flu-like symptoms

Diagnosed w/ PBC late Feb 2014, blood work has continuously improved since starting Urso. My problem is that I feel like I have the flu (achy muscles and joints, and extreme fatigue, but NO FEVER AND NO HEAD COLD SYMPTOMS). I was in bed all day Sat and Sun, and missed work Mon (yesterday). I'm at work now, but seriously, don't know how I will be able to function. I'm scheduled for a liver ultrasound in two days to make sure everything is ok there, but my blood work has continued to improve. I've already had a liver biopsy and everything was fine there as well.

Question - Has anyone had this, and does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to feel better?

I've already tried soaking in an epsom salts bath, and massage. This helps a little at the time, but the symptoms come right back.

Help please! Any suggestions?

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Fatigue comes with it I'm afraid lethargy aches & pains. Etc.If you pop on to the mother site. There's lots of info that's really informative. I found it interesting & really helpful. Xx


Hello Abigail53.

Sounds like you are experiencing the fatigue you can hve with liver disorders. That is if you weren't suffering from fatigue prior.

Given your LFTs are improving over time, unfortunately if it is fatigue associated with PBC then it is unlikely that it will vanish.

I started off back in early 2010 with itching and at the same time I was fatigued but I never thought much of the latter, just the itching as that to me was odd. I can still remember the fatigue, it came over in waves at certain times and I just felt heavy and that I needed to crash out. I did make lifestyle changes during that year and then after diagnosis I wasn't sure if I would ever feel quite normal again.

The fatigue for me long since vanished. I do get tired later in the day but that is due to broken sleep at night, often caused by waking up and then starting to know I have the itch again.

I've never been prone to colds nor can I recall ever having 'flu but I know that if one has 'flu it is supposed to knock you for six, rather like fatigue.

Usually it can be told via the bloods (the FBC- full blood count) if someone isn't quite right and it does make me think that from your posting that you are experiencing fatigue.


Hi Abigail53,

Unfortunately I too suffer with these symptoms. They are a norm for me and I can usually keep them under control. However, there are occasions when the symptoms worsen - what I call having a flare-up - when no matter what I take or do its almost unbearable.

I usual take co-codamol and use a heat treatment like a hot water bottle/wheat bag or warm bath. If that does not help I take Naproxen (prescribed by GP) instead of the co-codamol, but only use them when I am really desperate as long term use can cause kidney damage - and I don't need that!! I will also use a pain relief gel like Ibuleve to rub into the muscles and joints, you need to be careful with that too as it contains ibuprofen, but there are some natural alternatives out there too.

I am sorry I cannot be of any more help but hope you find what works for you very soon.

Best wishes


Thank you all so much for responding. I do feel better today. It helps to know I'm not alone and to be able to talk to folks who understand what I'm saying. Many thanks!


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