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Occupational health , nhs

After occupational health had not agreed with illhealth retirement, I now have another chance , with support from my work, and help from Robert here in the pbc foundation. I will let you all know how I get on.

I dont understand why life has to be such a fight !!

But, I now feel empowered , so if you have the same problems, my advice is -dont give up !! Help is always here if you need it !!! Thanks Robert !!!!

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Hey that's great that you have got another chance to state your case. I'm just about to start the process. I did actually have transplant last year so my employers think I'm now cured. Oh hek think it's not gonna be easy! ! Good luck and please keep us updated. Best wishes Gil

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Find Robert in the pbc foundation, or ring them, they are really lovely Gil and can support you in this.Good luck xxShirley


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