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Hi everyone, just wondered if anyone has had problems getting life assurance. My work emailed me today to say they are changing the company they use and I now have a 15 page document to fill out asking lots of health questions. I obviously now need to declare I have PBC, so I'm worrying that I won't be accepted. Just wondered if anyone has any experience with this.

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Hello Vixta75.

Unfortunately if the policy isn't a continuation on the existing one when you obviously didn't have PBC then it is going to seem likely that you'll either be refused acceptance or be asked to pay a rather high premium.

Back in 2010 the year I was diagnosed with PBC I had life insurance on a policy that I had taken out several years prior when I had at the time no known health problems. I rang the insurance company (Friends Provident) as a courtesy to tell them I had just been diagnosed with PBC. The policy being taken out several years prior was still valid and in force in the event of but I was informed at the time that it was unlikely I'd be able to take out a new life cover with the company when it expired (September last year). When the policy did expire last year I was not offered another.

I was 49 last year so decided as I have no mortgage and my own home is mine outright then I'd wait until I reached 50 ( which was a few weeks ago now) and then take out the over 50s insurance.

I find it highly annoying that I've had life cover my whole adult life and then come expiry date of the last one I found myself no longer valid for cover.

You can find life cover out there but when I checked companies were asking ridiculous sums of money each month in premiums - one stated £75 - and the cover is not good. My husband took out life insurance 2yrs ago and he answered the questions ok as he currently has no medical issues and he pays £10 a month for a high amount of cover.

Be interesting to find out how you get along.


Hi Peridot

Thanks for your reply, I'm pretty sure as you say I'll either be refused or have to pay over the top and as work pay I can't imagine them wanting to pay much more as I'm sure the reason for the change will be to save them money!

It's really annoying as if anything did happen to me, regardless of the PBC, my family possibly wouldn't have anything to help them financially. I'm just not prepared to pay over the odds to an insurance company because of a condition that may or may not get worse.

I'll let you know how I get on - moan over!



If you are in the UK Vixta75 then there is what is known as Bereavement Payment which is a lump sum payable to a widow or widower. I know when my first husband died in 1993 I got a lump sum and in reality it almost covered a funeral though he was insured at the time (and had superannuation in his job too).

In the worst case scenario with my now second husband if something was to happen to me men can now claim this (it used to be only women until 2001), I think my husband might qualify but can't say for certain as over the years with differing jobs I have had and odd times of broken NI contributions (always had to pay tax but when not in work still paid tax but NI contributions wren't payable. I've never claimed benefits), I am not sure he would qualify. This is one reason I recently took out life insurance via Asda (it is LV who covers).

That is the thing with PBC we don't really know at the time whether it is going to ever change or remain the same or get worse and like yourself I too do not want to pay over the odds for a just in case and more to the fact I cannot afford to pay a chunk of my own small income on a policy for this reason.


I was refused Life insurance because I have a Liver disease.


Hi Vixta75, I'm post liver transplant and I read your post about travel insurance. The liver support group at the Queen Elizabeth hospital recommend these insurance company's. WWW.insureforall.com/medical-conditions. A second choice WWW.itssoeasytravel.com. I'm don't know about prices but at least they may help...Take care,Be happy and always be positive


Hi Brummi

Thanks for the reply and hope you're doing okay following your liver transplant - wish you health and happiness. Thanks for the info regarding insurance I will get in touch.

Thanks again and all the best for the future.


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