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Here is Website for lab requirements to determine PBC

Found it. Go to Www.arupconsult.com. Type in PBC. Take it from there. Lists REPEAT- guidelines etc. All there on this site. As I said initially was diagnosed in hospital when admitted with fever chills sweating back pain etc. I had it for days - they did an AMA then and determined I had PBC when it showed AMA testing of 29 - six months later and a liver biopsy shows I have no autoimmune disease and no AMA - what happened when I was still in the hospital and I was diagnosed with AMA. What else can make mitochondrial's activate like they did. Saw 3 specialist - all board-certified doctors - no one can understand we have been to hell and back all this time. However was diagnosed with enlarged inflamed liver and have NASH - no cirrhosis. PBC affects about 10 in a million - that is why no drug company is going to be looking for another drug except urso - no money to be made by it. Bought good masticating juicer - treadmill - found also A1c high - lucky me!!!!-

so now foods are limited completely. Hard to plan family meals.

High trigs - a lot of same symptoms. Leg itching I am a firm believer in checking tumor necrosis factor levels TNF and interleukins six [IL-6] and other cytokines - I think the information plays a part here. cancer cells are an inflammation - going awry. Checking inflammation is important

believe everyone should have a cytokine panel to see if there something wrong Check SED rate and any ANTI-INFLAMMATORY specific information going on ask dr. They don't like to do but if you are humble enough maybe they will do it as a courtesy for you to give you peace of mind

I don't think there's enough being done there's no money to be made in it by drug companies doing Clinical research and studies. I check everything and I google everything.


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Hi Shores,

Thanks - again - for the link. I will read all asap and try to get myself more up to speed on as much as possible. And not just for myself ... as I agree about attitudes, and if big pharma and the medics are not going to push for change in this area, then we have to do it from below: and meanwhile try to help ourselves and each other.

Sorry, as yet no diet ideas. I'm going into my local alternative health place on Monday, so will ask there once I'm spending loads on other stuff.

Take care - hope you get some diet replies.


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