help and advice please

had a mri results are have bulging discs in back in agony consultant says pain due to my pbc and discs not a lot they can do about it to go back to doctors to try and get some pain management but docs not willing to give me other meds as can damage liver tried physio and acupuncture before for pain didn't help at my wits end don't know what to do any one any advice plz Sadie xxxx

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  • I have a bulging disc in my neck. I got much the same answer as you except: a course of physio may help as it will strengthen the muscles and offer some support. I was also told that if/when it gets so bad it compresses the spinal column they will operate. Well, that will be something to look forward to!

  • I have the same problem and can take Norco twice a day for pain. I have to otherwise I can't move. A pain managemer can help you with this. Also as painful as it is, try and keep moving. Wissh you all the best. X

  • Just saw your post Sadie, I'm being treated for back pain. I take Tramadol, 3 times a day, and have for at least 10 yrs. Also my pain clinic Dr. will sometimes give me steroid epidurals which really help a lot. I have one bulging and degenerative disk disease of the neck and back.

  • Similar problems here x after years of pain killers tried a chiropractor what a difference def worth a try, ensure you go to someone recommended and well qualified though . I now go regularly just to try keep. back in shape, not cheap but a small price to pay to be free if back pain. For some reason I don't hold the adjustments as well as some people but it still works . After a year of physio and 17 painkillers a day two days later I was off them all! Pilates exercises can also help. Never known if it was to do with my Pbc or just got a weak core/back so very interested to read your post.

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