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This morning at 5am I was woken with agonising pain under and around lower right rib, couldnt breathe properly; after 15 mi nutes there was a loud pop, the pain went and breathing returned to normal. I am very tired, light headed and had head pain (back of head right) which has eased now. I am no medical doctor but is it possible that I could have had a pneumothorax due to the autoimmune liver diseases? I have called my gp and still awaiting my call back. i know I should have done something earlier but could not get a gp appointment.

I don't scare easily but this really frightened me. I won't sleep tonight thats a fact. I think something must have been coming on on Thursday. Since Thursday had headache on and off and my heart is loud in my ears/head. I don't know what to make of this.

Any advice please xx

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  • I would encourage you to speak to a medic as soon as is practicable- that could be your own GP, another GP at your practice or even your consultant.

    If you are unhappy with that, maybe look at the NHS telephone service to seek information.

    We are not medically trained and I imagine your answers lay with NHS. If you are concerned, please pass on your level of concern to the NHS and make sure this is pursued to your satisfaction.

  • If you have not heard anything yet it would seem best to go to your surgery at opening hour and see if you can get an emergency appointment. I would give the GP the symptoms and narrative. In my experience it is best not to offer a self diagnosis, it can send them off in the wrong direction.

    hopemyou are okay.

    best wishes

  • Don't want to be a worry wart but think u should get immediate medical advice as u feel light headed etc ...could b somthing else going on. Ring nhs direct if you get no joy at gps or go to a n e.might just b rib but better safe than sorry. Good luck.

  • Are you okay? How did you get on? If I am being intrusive please ignore this message

    best wishes

  • Hi Guys thank you for your advice. I managed to get to see the doctor and apparently my liver is swollen and as a result it pressed on the lower end of the right lung and caused a partial collapse. Funny thing is I had my bloods done the day before and the doc said they were normal. Is it possible to have an attack of AIH and still have normal bloods, I also have diarroha as well....but sure this is related to my PBC.

    AIH/PBC are funny things.


  • Those are all of the symptoms I had before I was properly diagnosed with PBC. I went then went to a dr. who had me do a liver cleanse, ALCAT test and put me on a food sensitivity diet for 6 months. After the liver cleanse my eczema, itching and dizziness decreased dramatically. Now 4 years later I feel pretty good most days. The brain fog only happens when I eat too much at once or if I eat something that causes an inflamatory response. It makes me feel much better knowing that I can control the nasty symptoms. I take lots of Vit B, D, K2, and herbs along with my mult-vitamin. I only take the natural vitamins not synthetics. It works for me!

  • Hi and thanks for your reply...it has been discovered that I had a mini lung collapse. The bottom end of right lung, but when I was examined my liver felt big....I actually felt my liver. I can also feel it when I lie on my stomach. I am alright though, but am worried my liver could be felt by me when the gp felt it....it felt really odd. My LFt's are normal according to my gp I have not been given a copy yet so I can check myself what the numbers are, but I am chasing this up with my gp. I have come to undestand that with AIH/PBC many of the issues I have are directly due to the diseases. I have really bad digestive trouble, nausea, but not all the time, aches and pains, sometimes have a foggy head and fatigue to name but a few. I am waiting to go back to see the consultant who said in October he would send for me in 3 months, I am still waiting. This is a new consultant and to be honest I really do not like him and am considering being transferred to St James in Leeds.


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