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help @ advice please


just been 2 docs been told i have platar faccitis the pain in my heel is unbearable cant walk on it does any 1 else have it any advice or help would be grateful thanks sadie x

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ment to say i suffer from pbc and wonder if this is another condition u get with it thanks sadie x

also went to see my consultant last week sadly he was off seen another doctor who wasnt interested in anything i had to say didnt get bloods or weight checked felt like i was talking to a brick wall never felt so low and upset put me on urso and alsoalendronic acid sometimes i feel as nobody cares sometimes i just need someone to listen thanks sadie x

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Well that does top it all, going to see a consultant and then leaving without the bloods which I would say are pretty important.

In all the time I've had PBC I've only had my weight checked a few times. The GP has never done it since the day (Dec 2010) I got urso! When I changed surgeries April and had the bloods done almost 3wks ago now, the nurse actually said she would note my weight and a first on me, she took blood pressure which at the old surgery the nurse never bothered with any!

Sorry I digressed but I have not heard of what problem you are encountering on your foot.

I had that in the past, there 2 things you can do,1- have a steroid injection, hugely painful but mostly works OR 2- excercise, stand on a step on toes only and hang your heals down at the back... does that make sense? You need to stretch the achillies tendon that run up the back of the ankle. I did the excercise and after a month or so i could really feel the benefit. also there are really good shoe inserts that were great.It is so painful but do try the excercises they do help, good luck.x :)

hi sadie21 having treatment with specialist at mo for same problem. stretching exercises have been advised with physio.standing on toes.hamstring warm up exercises advised to massage area and either rub with ice or something warm(physio said everyone is different on that)best relief ive had to was supportive shoes with ortho insoles and if poss a weeks consultant said it wil take time to improve if it doesnt next step is cortizone injections.last case an operation to relieve tendons and maybe shave a piece of bone.must say it is slowly improving but think that was rest sensible footwear and insoles.i walk my dogs twice a day and teach so im on my feet all the time - apprieciate how you feel.take care

Hi I also suffer with plantar fasciitis. I had it a few years ago in both feet then it went away with lots of stretching exercises and shoe inserts. But its back again in just one foot this time. I've had physio on it but didn't do much good but the physio did show me how to strap my foot up which has helped. I never put the pbc and foot problems together, maybe they are connected?

Hi, I had this and bought a support from boots. It cost about £23.00 and I still use them to this day. It is a very painful condition. The other possible help is to concentrate on your breathe and not on the pain, that way the body relaxes and it is a help in pain control. Hope this helps and also that the symptoms are alleviated soon.x

Just a quick message as I've been out all day and very tired brain, and everything else!!

You can look up 'plantar fasciitis' online and will find some exercises with diagrams- much easier than me trying to describe them here. But one that a friend taught me - she had been shown by a physio - was picking up marbles with your bare toes. Also, wearing properly fitting trainers/running shoes - for a time I gave up on 'normal' shoes/boots, and my feet were much more comfortable. I think there is a link with autoimmune stuff and this condition - mine got better by doing the above, but also around the same time I had my thyroxine dose tweaked. It may be an idea to get your thyroid function checked.

It's a horribly painful condition. I found nothing helped it for a time, it was quite soul destroying esp with everything else that doesn't work in me too. You have my sympathy.

would just like to say thank you to every one who has replied to me very grateful for all advice given so glad there are other people living with pbc and all the other ailments that come with it thank yous once again sadie xxx

Hi I have heard that Bowen Therapy can be helpful for plantar facitis

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