Pbc cirhossis and restless legs..advice please

Hi all

I have now developed restless legs at night..came on about two weeks ago and is keeping me awake nearly all night, that coupled with my diagnosis of cirhossis two months back makes me wonder if it is related. Does anyone have this and if so do you have any tips. I know my iron level was a bit low after the varice bleed but it is almost OK and anyway I cant take iron tablets as cannot tolerate them...I read somewhere that iron deficiency can cause restless legs but so can ofher things. Would prefere not to have more pills.

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  • Hi I've had Restless Legs Syndrome for several years now. I was prescribed Trazodone which does stop it and means I can sleep again! I don't really know if it directly related to PBC but it did start after diagnosis in my case. I believe it is a neurological based.

    Im sorry I don't know of anything else that helps.

  • Thanks....prefer not to take pills all the time..so took half a sleeping tablet as soooo tired and I actually slept for 8 hours.,..will do this a couple of times a week,,,I am allowed them for occasional use..

  • I have it didn't have it before diagnosis it comes & goes but I'm not anaemic. X

  • I have had it so bad I can't sleep, I can't sit still to watch a whole movie with my family, and I've been awakened while sleeping and had to go to work with 2 or 3 hours of sleep. I have had anemia with my PBC . I've had to have transfusions of iron. Maybe have your ferritin checked (iron). When I get an infusion of iron my restless legs get better the same day. It doesn't come back until my iron is low. I was never anemic until I got PBC.

  • Thank you for that...all the best

  • I have had restles leg for years mine starts if I'm watching TV I get up and walk round for a couple of minutes,l find it worse in bed I can't sleep and l feel drained when it stops.

  • Just a thought. My husband and i both suffer from restless legs so much so we keep each other awake all night but since raising or bed we no longer get this. If you want to know more please read raised bed therapy by googling it. We both sleep much better since doing this.

  • Thats interesting....wonder if it is to do with my low back problem..do you mean raising the bed at the end?

  • Hi Bobby

    Actually i meant the head of the bed. Mine is raised by six inches (15cm). Its called raised bed therapy. You can Google the information on it if your interested. I relieves the nerves that are pinching as well as reduces leg swelling. Help with nearly ever body function. If you read the article it explains it all there.

    Hope you have relief soon.

  • Many thanks

  • Yes i get this in eve on a car journey or at nigjt.some days worse than others.consult said it was all part of it.

    Mention it to consult or ring secretary as you can have something for it.but if avoiding more tabs not sure.think mines linked to how much ive done.best wishes cazer.

  • My friend has restless legs and takes magnesium says it's helping she also stopped drinking caffeine.

    Hope this helps you.

  • Magnesium!

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