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PBC: Medicare "2 year wait"

Hello and positive thinking to all my sisters and brothers with PBC,

I am 59 years old. I have been on Soc.Sec. Disability since 11/12. I am losing my insurance (COBRA) in 1/14 after being led to believe I could get an 11 month extension.

Social Security is telling me I have to wait 25 months from 11/12 to get medicare. I see that kidney transplant patients can get it sooner. I called my SSD caseworker asking if I can get it sooner since I am a liver transplant patient with "End Stage" pbc. No return call yet.

Does anyone know about this? I have my 3 month appointments at Mayo-AZ next week and have added an appointment with the insurance person to talk about Obama Care and Medicare. What a hassle! I don't want to lose Mayo. (remember,think positive!)

Thanks and good luck to you all, Cindi

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Obama Care keeps getting held back, for reasons I don't know. Please post what they say to you about it. Medicare does come two years after SSI. I'd call my insurance commissioner about the COBRA. This company should honor what they said they are suppose to do. Praying it works out for you.


Thanks for the reply, Magnolia. I will post what they say to me about Obama Care, etc.....


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