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Hi Every one

Have had the Biopsy done. Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but slightly uncomfortable. I think the size of the needle was enough for me lol!!! The worst thing was having to lie still for 3 hours afterwards. A bit sore but am okay. Now I just have to wait 2 weeks for results.

Have been doing lots of research and finding a lot of people have this . I have to be so honest and say I had never heard of it before being diagnosed.

Everybody have a great weekend.

cheers for now

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Hi Disy,

Good to hear your biopsy is all done and dusted and all went ok. Hope the soreness settles down, just be careful not to lift anything much for a while.

Enjoy your weekend :-)


Glad the biopsy went well - good luck with the results :)


Thankyou Val02

yes am settling into the regime of pills etc. I am lucky with the results of no major damage only a fibrous liver so just have to be a good gir and carry on.

I am so amazed how much information is on this site..more than the Doctors have to say.

Have a great day.. :)l


Hope you're feeling ok. Not had to have one thankfully. Take care & take it easy.

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Hi Disy welcome to the site. Where are you from? I am from N.Ireland. If you click on my icon and others on here you can read my blogs and others on our experiences living with PBC which you may find useful I know I certainly did when first discovered this site. Glad your biopsy went well let us know how you get on from time to time. Fortunately I have never had a biopsy though been living with PBC for 12yrs now but this may sadly be a possibility in the not so distant future so good to hear its not as bad as one would imagine so thanks for that. Take care bfn.


Hi littlemo

thankyou for your kind words. I am in Australia - Adelaide. Yes I have been reading a lot of blogs and find them very interesting. It is like a mystery condition that everybody is at different levels and no set levels of symptoms. I have no major damage to my liver which is excellent and have started on Urso..supercalifragilisticexbealadocious...sorry my sense of humour..hehe!! No wonder everyone shortens it to Urso..or they never did say how large the pills are lol!!! Have been experiencing a couple of days of nausea but nothing I can't handle.

So how are you going? Did you have to make any major life changes or diet changes.??

I would like to keep in touch.

take care and have a lovely day

Cheerio for now



Hi Disy didnt really make any major life style changes just concentrated even more on eating healthily to keep me right. I stopped drinking alcohol(not that drank very often anyway) on nights out now only take a few on special occassions as thought the alcohol would prob put more pressure on my liver. My major problem with the PBC has been the dreadful itch have had it more or less 24/7 to greater and lesser degrees for the past 12yrs but have ways of and meds to help ths. I am not the kind of person to wallow in self pity and am usually a very optimistic person so I just keep myself busy, think positive and despite JPBC live a full life. There are times when it really got me down (had a yr of that 2011-12) when the itch was horrendous and my quality of life was desperate but thankfully when I came off the Urso my life improved greatly as the itch returned to milder more tolerable levels. Take care and fear not plenty of life after PBC! x


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