Lower Right Side Abdomen Pain

Hi -

I was diagnosed with PA 3 months ago when my B12 level dropped to 1. Obviously requiring an emergency blood transfusion and high dose B12 injections. Following that I have also found I have chronic active gastritis which seems to be a bit of a theme as I read more.

Onto my question....I am having abdominal pain just above my right hip bone and slightly higher when my level of B12 drops just before a shot. Occasionally it is a dull ache and at other times a stabbing pain. Has anyone else experienced?

I am seeing my GI guy in a few weeks and will have the fun of a colonoscopy but wondered if anyone had any thoughts.

In good news my last blood test reported level of B12 at 827 so feeling one heck of a lot better. And having them done every 4 weeks.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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  • Hi Joanne, just read your comment, sorry you have suffered so much, also noticed your comment didn't get a reply... I have Gastritis, I don't know anyone else that suffers with that, diagnosed 3 and half years ago with Gastitis, been admitted to hospital several times, last time was. Easter where they had to put a tube up nose into my stomach and removed 3 litres of Bile! So shocked...the pain for me is unbearable, and feels like Labour pains, Infact worse than labour pains at least I could cope with that, but not the Gastritis.....mine is also related to food.....my diet is bland now, which helps, but also now b12 deficient....serums Ferritin was as low as 5, then 7, then had Iron Infusion, it went up to 67.....still low..........hope the colonoscopy went well, not nice, right?.........I have injections every 3 months, but feel I need them more.....

    Hope your well

    Tc Jill

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