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A Budgie on Trill ! Thank you x

I would like to say a HUGE Thank You to everybody who helped me start to sort out my Health Issues. Please see my previous Blog entitled 'A Huge Moan but lots of Eureka I hope' if you would like to know how I started my quest to feel a bit better.

Anyhow, as suggested, I bought myself some Armour on line and started taking two tablets a day alongside my 150mg Thyroxine. I was also advised to take my temperature every morning and for the past two weeks or so was most suprised to see that it was hovering around 34.5 / 35 C. Also i had other problems which people said they literally wanted to scream at me B12 deficiancey. So alongside Armour I bought Jarrows Methyl B-12 5000mg and have been taking four a day by allowing them to melt unger my tongue. Also its fair to say I bought some Foliate tablets and Vit D of whioch I have been having one a day.

This is my FOURTH day . I feel like 'A Budgie on Trill ' . My energy levels are much higher. This morning my temp. was 36.8 C . I feel lots better in myself although Im still having aches n pains in my head, hip n legs but they dont seem to be as severe.

So thank you everybody for your support and direction. I know I still have a long way to go but I am so happy that finally I have an answer to my illness which has resulted in me having the very lower part of my Brain removed and years of Psychiatrict work , anti deppressants etc etc . Why ciouldnt they of made the connection earlier. My Mother suffered from Pernisious Aneamia from her early twenties and both of my Aunts had underactive Thyroids . If I thought I could sue for all the suffering,loss of my career etc and that of my family and friends who give thier continued support I would. But I think thats called mis diagnosis and not negligent.

Thank you all so much

Annie x

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Wonderful news! Congratulations and very best wishes, you are on the way.


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