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Thank you to kind gentleman who phoned

Good Afternoon everyone, Sun is shining so out I go in my garden and watch my dogs play.

I wrote on here a couple of times and received some useful information from lots of different people. Yesterday I decided to phone the number at the bottom of the forum and left a message. I got so many health problems and seeing a doc tomorrow as I'm having problems with blood clotting as wrote in a post the other day. I didn't realised that the blood clotting , memory lost, numbness, leg cramps, etc was all due to B12 definicity and that my levels were so dangerously low and this nice man on the phone recommends I have an injection every other day. 

I've just joined the Pernicious Anaemia Society and going tomorrow to the docs armed and fingers crossed I get somewhere. I'm fed up with the bleeding as I've just cut myself outside and as usual it took ages to stop bleeding.

A big thank you to the man on the phone but I can't remember his name. Also my stomach is still bad from Monday when I had my B12 injection. 

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That was probably Martyn, a saint among sinners. Xx


Is Martyn in a wheelchair.? He was so brilliant on the phone that when I got off the phone I felt like a weight had lifted off my shoulders. I think this forum is great but some of the problems I suffer with I'm too embarrassed to say. He seemed to know a lot. X


Martyn had that effect on me (I'm new too). Don't be embarrassed Bentlyboo. Whatever your problems, I bet you'd always find someone here who has them too. And many people will have found something that can help. For instance, I have to wee so often that I'm wearing out the stair carpet from trailing up and down! And that's not one of my worse symptoms!

Incidentally, if anyone's found something that helps...



I was like that - could hardly do anything as I needed to wee ALL the time. I also had numerous urinary tract infections which would affect my mental stability and my kidneys: it was horrible.

Even before I started my B12 treatment I improved it radically by cutting out citrus, particularly orange, and coffee and by drinking 1.5 to 2 litres of other fluids, particularly squash.

Some things are diuretics and it's worth experimenting to see what affects you most.

Roughly speaking, the nerve impulse to wee is triggered by the concentration of salts in your urine so the more liquid you drink the lower the concentration of the salts and the less it makes you need to go. It is not volume - your bladder expands to cope with that.

Taking Lo-Salt also helps as it a good source of potassium, which is needed for balancing kidney function, nerve transmission and metabolising B12.

My bladder nerves have healed, the longer I have had B12 treatment.

There are other options but worth looking at trying these to start with.

I hope it's better for you soon.


Hi Deniseinmilden. Thanks for the tips. I'm going to try them all! I know what you mean about not being able to do hardly anything. It's like having your own electronic tag to ensure you never leave the house!

Incidentally, I've read your profile, as you suggested, and your journey through this nightmare sounds remarkably like mine.

I wish I'd discovered this forum years ago! I'm learning so much, have now started self-injecting, and am hoping that it's not too late for at least some recovery.

Having been 'written-off' by GPs for years, it's so marvellous to realise that I'm really normal, in a B12 deficient sort of way!

A ray of hope: Last night, I had my first I undisturbed night of sleep for more years than I care to remember. A whole 8 hours (a rise of 4). Oh joy.

Thanks again for you help.



Glad you are feeling better x

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Don't be embarrassed to say BB we are all in the same boat. I think if I was to list mine I'd be here all day! Glad you feel better.


think my most embarrassing symptom is, or more accurately was, diarrheoa - out for a run - a mile or two from home and nothing for it but to go and clear up the mess when I got home ... leaving a pong behind me. Happy days :)


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