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NutrEval Plus and FACT Test results! Could it be Anemia?

Hi people, i have had a NutrEval Plus Fact test done, and my results have returned. It did cost an awful lot of money, but it could possibly be the best money ever spent. This shows everything at root level, Minerals, amino acids,vitamins, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, neurotransmitters, malabsorption markers, cellular and mitochondrial metabolites, toxic elements, cardio risk, krebs cycle and much more.

Whilst my NHS tests show normal bloods, this test shows many elements that need attention, 3 areas of significance have reared up. Very low vit D, borderline B12 (cobalamin) and very low Folic acid. Whilst my MMA levels and Homocysteine levels are normal,i do have parietal cell antibodies, but intrinsic factor seems intact, and have heard you can still have Pernicious Anemia with this combination, although usually intrnsic factor is a factor, i am inclined to believe that Anemia could possibly be the reason i am still fatigued on thyroid meds, this would be a major breakthrough combined with Vit D and am hoping some B12 injection along with folic and Vit D may bring me from my depths of despair.

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We would all certainly like to be able to read your results, maybe there is some computer whizzkid who runs the pernicious anaemia website who could help?


It's up now! :)


Wow, what a fun test (if only you weren't ill that is)!

There's so much in there that I have no clue about, and I thought I'd picked up quite a lot of medical knowledge in the last few years. Now I feel stoopid again.

I think these results need to be read by an experienced practitioner in combination with your medical history. You shoudl also consider how your current diet and supplement regime might have influenced the results. For instance, your magnesium is really high, is that because you take supplements?

You asked if it could be anemia - only a full blood count will tell you that. However, fatigue and brain fog are symptoms of various deficiencies including B12/folate, and you do seem to be low on those. I find it slightly frustrating that they present the results in a "need for supplementation" format rather than as what they measured and where it was in the range.

If you haven't done so already (and I expect that you have), then perhaps you could ask your GP for B12/folate and vitamin D tests.

One thing sticks out to me as it's related to thyroid - low selenium.


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