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I had a Blood test about a month ago which was for my Cholesterol check - it showed low blood counts in my Hema Globen & low Platelets. I then had further test which showed lack of B12 & further test today shows that I need Injections - probably 3 a week to start with

I have been unwell for about a month loosing about 4 Kilos in weight (approx 9lb), very tired

no enthusiasm for food - cup of tea is hard work also my chest is very bad with heavy mucous, so I start with injections - does any of this ring to with you out there and how

long does it take for these jabs to kick in and feel a bit better - would love to know.

Thanks Gordy

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I know about loosing weight, think I lost 1.5 stone over years, and yes B12 treatment (and folate in my case) helps a lot, helps getting some strenght and muscles back aswell etc, so hopefully it will help you a lot. But be prepared for it to take some time, I know I went back to GP initially saying its doing nothing, but after some 3-4 months I realy noticed and felt a lot better, to then start to rely on the B12 to keep me well (and eventually getting it more frequently as I just lost one month out of 3 in some hazy fog etc).I still gain weight (and appetite) after a B12 jab, for it to then fall back to loosing and no appetite, but have got the frequency right to not loose more weight now. For me folate helped me gain weight, but I was deficient..and we all seem so very different in how we react to treatment..

So give it time, and I hope you will feel a lot better soon!

Kind regards,



Thank you so much for your Promt reply , I had my second Injection of the week another on Friday and then 3 next week and then after 3 month's - future Blood tests

will tell if it is working for me.





Its not unusual to get a short lived instant slight improvement, lasting a few days a week ? Theory says that shouldn't happen at all but some people report it as so - did for me.

A red blood cell has a life of 80 to 90 days (three months), so that's how long it should take to replace all the faulty red blood cells with healthy cells and for you to be feeling 100%. Once you start the three month injections. That's the theory and what most doctors will go with, unfortunately for some of us it doesn't work as it should, fingers crossed that it works ok for you.

These PA forums tend to be populated by people for who the standard treatment isn't working, the people the treatment is working for don't need the the support, so it's a little hard to know how successful the standard treatment is.

I get by better with monthly injections


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