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B12 and sleep problems?


I have trouble sleeping every night, and when I’ve had around 10 hours sleep I’m still tired.

Does anyone know if you can’t absorb b12 it effects or causes sleep problems ?

If your having the same problems what do you do to get a rested night sleep?

I’ve tried everything from sleeping tablets, no tv or phone etc and warm baths before bed and nothing I’m still stuck, I can’t get a break.

I’m struggling with this so much

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How long have you been Injecting for? My sleep didn't get better for the first 4 months after injecting.. It takes time..I had horrible insomnia.. I wasn't doing enough injections for me early on.. I was doing weekly and should've been doing every other day I think (in retrospect).

The feeling of waking up and still being tied is fatigue. That's another common symptom. That will also get better over time.

LittleA in reply to Seth12345

I have had b12 injections since 2006. I’ve only started self injecting between my 2 and a half months injections. I feel better than I did but this fatigue is still going on and my Neuropathy pain (from my childhood illness treatment I had) is worse I’m having to take more pain killers.

My sleep is worse now too

Hi I’ve been on b12 jab for years due too PAS and I sleep and sleep and always feel tried I have the odd good day but they don’t come very often....

I have no life spend most of it in the house because I’m so tried unfortunately this is life now I’ve been told via my GP I need to rest how much more rest do I need I’ve tried everything to help with this I eat healthy but don’t eat a lot I’ve lost a lot too and my partner try’s his best to understand but really doesn’t I feel like I’m holding him back from doing things and having a life the rows we have over this are unbearable like yourself I can’t get a break from this and now with this virus it’s even worse.... I also have a heat condition that doesn’t help with feeling tried life is awful .... and no one to talk to doesn’t help x x

Thrones in reply to Shellbes

Hi shellbes I’m so sorry to read this.

How often are you getting your b12 shots? It could simply be that you need to increase the frequency of them and is your gp monitoring your folate and vit d levels,if your not getting out much then it’s a sure bet your vitd levels will be low.

Your gp sounds as if he’s taking the easy options you don’t need to rest more you need to be in a healthy place where you can grab life with both hands and feel complete as a person,Don’t accept this Is your lot chat to people here and get advice on how you can improve your life and push that lazy gp to help you,get bloods tested and post them here then members can advise you on what steps you need to take to get well and love your life again.take care and keep posting there’s always someone here happy to help they’re a great bunch.x

Shellbes in reply to Thrones

Hi yes my vitamin d is low so on tabs for that now I doing a jab every 2 weeks and I’m on folic acid tablets for my ferritin levels because they’re really low .... my heart condition doesn’t help though I have Sudden death syndrome where my heart just stops but the defibrillator I had fitted has given up and stopped working so no I have no life support and unable to have an operation because I’m not strong enough for it I can’t even get my iron infusions either so now decided that maybe time to start going private and paying for the treatment which is a bit of a pain I just wanna feel normal I’m told to enjoy everyday but this is no life for anyone with this virus going around and being very high risk it’s scary. Thank u for your reply thrones I really appreciate it life has become lonely I hope your doing better x

Thrones in reply to Shellbes

Good morning Shellbes.

You really do need to go back to any gp in your practice and get some help correcting the issues your having with your heart ,this is an area where you should be under the care of a consultant and you should be monitored on a regular basis.Forget about the virus that’s the problem just now ,most of these gps are hiding behind it and not looking after their patients most in need we have the same problem getting my husband monitored with his heart condition but I will battle it out for him but he’s no where near as serious as you are but still in a dangerous position that needs careful monitoring.You must be so distressed with this it’s not fair on you.

I’m doing fine I’m just one of life’s plodders lol I’m still battling away here with these lazy gps I have but I have a very good consultant behind me who is helping fight my corner.

I suggest you put a new post on the forum and say how your struggling with tiredness etc then you will get some first class advice from our more experienced members and some support then maybe you won’t feel so isolated.

Take care and chase those gps for the help you need you deserve it.x

Showgem in reply to Shellbes

I'm sorry you're feeling so low. I'm assuming it's a typo when you say you're on folic acid for your low ferritin levels, you should be taking iron tablets.

Shellbes in reply to Showgem

I have iron infusions but can get them at the moment with this virus doing me in so ran down x

LittleA in reply to Shellbes

I can realte so much to you with this. before I was digosed I was bed bound every day I couldnt do anything my body hurt so much. I have a nurve condtion on top of this and its made twice as bad if my b12 is not given or if its delayed.

When I had my loading doses I started to get part of my life back. It sounds like you need to talk to someone. I saw a phycologist and it was the best thing I ever did, sometimes you feel so trapped inside your own head and specally with feeling so tired and pains trapped in your body too.

Sounds like you need to have your B12 more regually, I would ask your GP about having it more regually and get it checked to see what level you are at.

I inject my self in between the injection at my doctors and I feel like I am living a little more but im not quite there yet, It would help if I could just sleep which im stuggling with and that will make a lot of difference for me.

If you want to chat you can always message me, always around :)

Shellbes in reply to LittleA

Yeah I’m pretty much on my own most days feel so low I’m doing more jabs myself at the moment but really need to have the infusions thinking I will have to pay myself and how them done .... but please feel free to message anytime I’m always about thank u for being so kind x

Hi LittleA have you tried taking a protein and carb at night before bed,I mean like peanut butter on a cracker or toast with peanut butter it’s shocking how easily this works,the peanut butter is known for helping sleep issues have a google for more info on this.X

LittleA in reply to Thrones

Hi Thrones, think I messaged you instead of replying on here sorry lol.

I dont like peanut butter but I am looking into protein shakes and it may give me a boost.

Have you tried magnesium oil and dont eat or drink (exept water) after 6pm. Works for me.

LittleA in reply to DLeggz

I take magnesium tablets but no improvement for about 3 weeks I’m at my wits end with my sleep issue. I don’t eat anything after 6pm and I have my pain killers that’s it. Seems never ending

Shellbes in reply to DLeggz

Yes I have the magnesium not helping whatsoever pretty much trying as much as I can to help myself but hitting a wall all the time

Hi! Sorry to hear about your sleep problems. I have a had the same. It took 6 years for me to find that B12 was the cause of all my fatigue and symptoms and during that time I wasn’t sleeping for more than a few broken hours a night and didn’t feel rested after sleep. In fact, mornings were worst and I felt like I was hungover and aching every morning. I was taking painkillers just to try and get up for work. I’m 5 months into injections and sleep has slightly improved in that I don’t feel as bad in morning. Main thing is burning feet until I do my injection. I have just got some sleeping tablets as I worry my body is just in such a habit of waking through night. I have woken in night for 7 years now. The sleeping tablets haven’t arrived yet but will let you know if they work. Good luck with your sleep.

LittleA in reply to Jengastar

Hi Jengaster,

The burning feet! I get that.

My next injection at my doctors is delayed by a week! Im so annoyed.

Maybe because I am due my b12 my sleep is much worse, no burning feet yet just not being able to sleep and the fatiugue and the mornings are awful it is affecting my ablity to work now too

How often do you have your B12 and are you injecting your self?

Jengastar in reply to LittleA

I’ve been self injecting daily for nearly 5 months. The burning feet it mostly why I’ve kept it daily.

I always used to feel tired after 10-12 hours sleep, until I was diagnosed with B12 deficiency last year. I have now been injecting now for around a year. I have experimented with various frequencies, but at the moment I inject every other day. I have found that for the time being anything less and the fatigue and brain fog begin to creep back in. At the current frequency I wake after 8 hours and actually feel refreshed! May be that you need to up your frequency and see if it helps.

I had dreadful insomnia and still get bouts of it now & again but on the whole it improved by a couple of things... taking a magnesium glycinate, got to be glycinate, drink a couple of hours before bed.... or an Epsom salt foot bath...make sure the water is as hot as you can stand it to open the pores to absorb the salts.

Folate plays a big part also for me. Folate affects melatonin & serotonin which will be disrupted if your folate is low....

I also have a strict bedtime routine, bed at 11pm, earphones in, talking book on, set on it's timer for 30 or 45mins, light out.

It was a struggle to begin with as I used to be a right night owl....but when the insomnia kicked in it was a killer and it's been trial & error.

Google “overmethylization”. It could be the cause of your low vitamin b levels and if you’re injecting Methyl b12, you could be making the cause itself worse by trying to improve your symptoms. You might need to switch to hydroxy b12. The good news though is if you are overmethylated, it’s an easy fix and adding niacin will help you sleep.

I have taken al look at your surggestion, It really doesnt fit with what I have, I have serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine checks regulaly though long term follow up of the cancer treatment I had as a child and they are fine thankfully.

I am already taking Hydroxy B12 via injections.

Thank you for replying to my post and helping me with this, it is a never ending battle

I feel for you. My sleep has been horrific for years and years, but I was only diagnosed in June. I find that I can’t sleep a full night through most nights. And even when I do get the normal 8 hours or more they say you should get I still end up feeling like I’m exhausted. On average I wake up a couple of times a night. I used to say I was immune to coffee because I can literally fall asleep after an espresso. Little did I know that was probably a sign.

I hope your sleep gets better with your treatment. Totally feel for you and I wake up so many times a night too.

Have you had your vitamin D checked?

When I was diagnosed I was really low on that too and made the fatigue worse.

My vit D was originally low I think, but I’m on supplements from the doctor for it now and on my last test it was fine. I’m also on ferrous! I’m lucky(!) to have had 3 deficiencies 🙄

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