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I cant sleep pa problems depression & anxiety

Hi all,

I would like some advice, my gp practice doesn't want to give me sleeping pills I have ventapac for , full amount given & amatriptaline 20mg b 4 bed, doesn't work. I'm looking to buy librium can I get it from pharmaceuticals abroard legally?

I have looked in to a few things and I think this can help me for several problems.

Can anyone give me advice??

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Have you looked into reason as to why you aren't sleeping, have anxiety and depression, rather than medicating? Find the root cause to your your depression and anxiety, restore/heal that, then your insomnia should follow and lift. Meds made me worse, and nothing touched my sleep. I had extreme anxiety and panic, severe insomnia, some depression and then ended up with adrenal fatigue. With the right testing, patience and natural remedies I was able to restore and heal and now have no anxiety, no panic, very little depression if any, and I'm sleeping better. No meds.


Dont know if this helps. I found that my terrible anxiety disappeared after a year's worth of weekly B12 injections. It was like a miracle. It appears that for me my anxiety was linked to my neuro symptoms from the p.a. Vernall27


Librium is highly addictive and I am not surprised your doctor is refusing it.

If you tell us a bit more about your problems we might be able to help you find a cause, and therefore a solution.

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Apart from suffering bad fatigue for years,due to pa since coming on here I can see why not enough b12. This year I've had 3 things happen that have made depression worse, which again I cant say I've been free from it since early 20s just coped without meds.

I've had issues with contraceptionfor 4years this sounds pathetic but changing pills and heavy bleeding, mood swings etc isn't fun as well as the weight gain I feel hopeless. Also to go with this I sweat buckets which is embarrassing. It drips down my face like rain, to put clothes on when you're seating like this is a night mare. May be going through peri menopause but told no test will show for definite.

I had my soon poorly Feb breathing difficulties from a flu like virus, being told one minute it will take time with inhalers, the next minute having lines put in possibly having to go intensive care,if the doctors didn't stop him from crashing. At the same time I had a bartholins abcess, I was treated awful by 1 doc ina&e, and after being denied painkillers that would work, I got given antibiotics and told if it was an abscess id be in more pain. 2 days later while still in with my son it burst. The third thing was viewing a relation who had deceased. It wasn't nice she passed quickly but the coroner kept her for 3 weeks,so this was the things deeply.playing on my


I know b12 can be taken mote often but I read the liver can be damaged if too much is taken,when I started loading doses the sweating eased slightly and I felt a little better, now I'm trying weekly everything is the same. Thanks for the advice so far and hope I haven't bored you all to much.


Have you actually been diagnosed (by a doctor) as having PA? If you have then they should be giving you injections every 2 or three months, depending on your symptoms.

A load of B12 will not harm your liver. If there's too much flaoting around in your blood then any ecxess will get pee'd away.


I was diagnosed 20 plus years ago, I have injections 3 monthly at gps, but after being on here and looking at all my symptoms I self inject weekly. The inital test and only thing I was offered at the beginning was were u collect urine this is when I was told I had pa due to intrinsic factor. Since then there no doctor has mentioned going anything more.


As far as I can tell it would not be illegal to buy Librium from abroad, as long as it's for personal use only. If you pass them on to somebody else and get caught you'll be in trouble.

It may be legal, but is it sensible? No, for two reasons.

1. Librium is prescription only for a good reason. It is addictive. Even under the care of a doctor people get addicted to benzodiazepines, often with dire consequences.

2. You've no idea what you're getting when you buy from abroad. It's not like buying B12 for self-injection from Germany, where you can be pretty sure of their quality control. I believe all Western European countries require a prescription for benzodiazepines, so you'll have to buy from India or China. There is currently a world shortage of the active ingredient in Librium, so they'll be tempted to stick something else in the pills. And you'll never know.



You'd be right about most medicines. But Librium (Chlordiazepoxide) is a Class C schedule 4 Controlled Drug, as far as I can see.

Therefore it would be illegal to import it even for personal use. As for passing it on, in any way whatsover, yes, that too would be illegal.

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It looks as if I was reading old legislation, where it was legal to posses most benzobiazepines without a prescription. Since 2001, however, it seems to have changed, so their simple possesion is an arrestable offence -

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OK, I first of all need to say I am no doctor, just a reasonably well informed lay person.

Setting aside the PA, I suspect all that stress may have bu**ered (technical term) your adrenals. And constant under treatment with B12 won't have helped either. Mine were messed up by under-treatment for my thyroid - and stress, of course.

The term 'Adrenal Fatigue' that is bandied about is not a lot of help. Fortunately its only in very rare cases that the adrenal glands give up and stop working. Far more frequent, though, is that the rather complex control pathway gets scrambled so that cortisol levels, which should be high in the morning, and low when we need to sleep, go haywire.

There's a handy questionnaire here

and another here

If both of those point to AF its probably worth taking a 24 hour saliva cortisol test which you can get via Thyroid UK.

Good books are by

Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome

by Dr. James L. Wilson - now a little out of date, but its a good basis

the Adrenal Reset Diet by Dr Alan Christianson

Its worth noting that conventional NHS medicine does not recognise Adrenal Fatigue, or Adrenal Dysregulation. No surprise there! But it makes sense to me, and the Adrenal Fatigue diet has helped me enormously.

As a short term measure I would suggest that you try a magnesium supplement (read up on the various options) and if you are desperate an occasional dose of Melatonin will do less harm than Librium - and is freely available in the UK. Don't make the mistake of taking it all the time, though. In the long run its not good for adrenal regulation and will make things worse. But an occasional decent night's sleep while you sort yourself out is worth a lot. I found herbal Ashwagandha helped, and lots of people swear by Seriphos.

You don't say why you are on Amitripyline. Is it for pain? One of the side effects is sweating - especially night sweats.

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