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Hi, Just had blood results back: b12 is top of the range, I inject myself as well as getting one injection every 8 wks.

Serum Folate = 18.3 range = 3.9-19.80 ug/L

However, Percentage Iron saturation= 24

Range = 25-50%.

Also, my GP has requested another liver function test in a month.

Do I suppliment with iron tabs or do I get a better B complex with folate acid?

I'm just a bit confused. Please help. Regards Olly ear

2 Replies
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Sorry I don’t know enough about iron but I’d hope your doctor does and can advise?

In answer to your question about folate/folic acid, as you’re result is at the top of the range you don’t need any more than you’re taking in now.

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Hi Booblet. Percentage iron saturation is only one element of a full iron panel and the results have to be read over and against each other so as the single element, percentage iron saturation, will not tell the full picture (and it's only slightly under the reference range so may not be significant when viewed in the context of the full iron panel).

Did your GP also test ferritin levels?

It's also worth noting that iron supplements should only be taken on the advice of a GP since over-supplementing with iron can be extremely dangerous...and not so easy to correct once it's happened 🤨. not to take any iron...and discuss this again with your GP so that they can clarify your iron status for you and prescribe some iron tablets if they think it's necessary.

About the B complex - take care with these because some contain doses in excess of the RDA - and vitamin B6 can be neurotoxic if taken in high doses (or even if taken when you don't need it).

Agree with JanD236 - you certainly don't need any more folic acid...indeed, you're levels are right at the top of the reference range so you could reduce this supplement ( not sure how much you take but the standard maintenance dose is 400mcg daily - and some don't need to supplement at all. (May be a different matter if you’re on any drugs that impede the absorption of folate).

If you’re taking any supplement might be worth checking online to see what the side effects are - it’s quite easy to inadvertently over-supplement and have side aeffects from this, without realising it (I once overdid the folic acid and had dreadful insomnia for weeks before I reaslised what the issue was 🤔😢).

Good luck 👍

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