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100 Rotexmedica Hydroxocobalamin ampoules 30% off


At the moment the above are on sale at versandapo.de at €48.19 plus €9.00 courier to U.K. . They are 1mg x1ml ampoules . Best price I’ve seen for ages . Don’t know how long this will last , but they are usually sold at 19% discount . 10x10 packets .You need to know German or have a translation app/ facility. Might be useful info. for someone .

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Hi wedgewood I've just gone on that site and ordered 100 Ampoules, so thank you for the information. I've been self injecting for the last few weeks as my B12 readings were off the scale but its taken weeks to get the loading injections from the Dr's.

They are giving me 6 over 2 weeks and then going to 3 monthly, but from what I've read and how I've felt, I don't believe that regularity will be enough for me initially. The only thing I'm unsure about is where to get the injection needles from. The original doses I got from a physio I know but obviously I'll need my own supply of needles and I couldn't find any on VersandApo, any suggestions?

Yes I had the problem that once every 3 months was nowhere near enough .My GP would not change it , although I felt really ill with the symptoms , so I had to resort to self injections and I haven’t looked back .i inject once a week .

No, the Pharmacies do not stock needles . I get mine from medisave.co.uk .i get 100 at a time for withdrawing inhse Terumo Agani 1.5 “ x 21 G ( thr higher the gauge the finer the needle . To inject I use Terumo Agani 1”x25G .( you can get a finer gauge from Needle exchange -1.5” x 27 G . I don’t know what length needle you need . 1inch is usually enough . But if you get a needle that’s longer than you need , say 1.5 “ , you needn’t push it all the way .

Syringes should be 2ml even for a 1ml ampoule . Otherwise you will not get all of the ampoule’s contents.

You need some swabs . Medisave’s own pre-injection swabs are very well priced .

You need also a large yellow sharps bin for disposal of the needles . I take mine to a local chemist who will dispose of it free of charge .

I think that’s it. The b12 ampoules should have at least 2years sell-by date . You don’t need to fridgerate them as long as the temperature is under 25c . In the recent hot weather I put mine in the top of the fridge till it got cooler .

I’ll just wish you all the best nowv. It’s great to have the peace of mind that you get with being able to self-inject ! It’s a doddle honestly, though expect to be nervous the first few times . It’s second nature to me now , and it will soon be for you . Best wishes and good luck !🍀🍀🍀

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