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low B12 - high RBC folate HELP!

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Does anyone have low B12 and high RBC folate? My B12 is 290 and my RBC folate is 1499. My provider thinks this is of little concern. I have tried researching on line - but have found little written about these 2 extremes.

Is there an actual lab test for pernicious anemia?

I have not tried B12 supplements as I do not want my RBC folate to go up.

Any help in understanding would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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you really need to give the ranges and units being used for the test.

Also, the B12 is in range but it is a very wide range - it may well be that that is the right level for you - really the only conclusive way of showing B12 absorption is an issue is to see B12 levels dropping significantly over time.

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