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I can't even get my doctor even test me for b12 deficiency nhs


I told my doctor since years that I suffer from lethargy fatigue,. Cloudiness memory loss weakness and so many other symptoms. I asked him to test me for b12 deficiency directly through that specific test ( can someone remind me of what te specific test is called plz)?

Cos he mentioned testing for for something else a normal blood test that if this other test came in ubnormal it could indicate that I have deficiency b12 but he won't do the specific b12 test. I know that if he does the other test it may be normal for him but they don't take things seriously enough as they don't want to inject really. It may be one point over they don't care

Does anyone make sense of that or know what he's talking about?

I want to self inject b12 instead just to see if I feel better. Can someone help me with precisely what I need and where to buy it . The best one available and cheapest plz.

Are there different strengths? I would rather a strong as long as there's no risk of death

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I think you mean the test for Pernicious Anaemia , ( The IFA test) which is an autoimmune condition caused by anti-bodies which affect the parietal cells in the stomach , resulting in non absorption of vitamin B12 . You can have B12 deficiency for other reasons - by not eating enough B12 that is contained only in meat fish eggs or dairy products , if you are taking PPI medication, certain diabetes medication , certain diseases like Graves Chrones , celiac, or lupus .certain gastric operations , fishtapeworm ,to name some .

The trouble with the Intrinsic Factor Antibody test is that it is notoriously unreliable . About 50% of PA patients who take the test are falsely diagnosed as negative . But if it’s positive, you do have PA , and you need injections for life. You can have a normal blood test to show your levels of B12 , but this is also not 100% accurate , because up to 80% of the B12 can be inactive , so your body cannot benefit from it.

Once you start supplementation , your blood tests will be skewed somewhat. . If you really do not get any help from your doctor and you are feeling desparate , it will do you no harm to self-inject with Hydroxocobalamin, which is what the NHS uses. Best and easiest is through “Amazon .de in English” from a German online pharmacy ( it’s unobtainable in U.K. without a prescription) Search for Rotexmedica B12 ampoules depot . Buy 100 which is the cheapest , or you can buy packs of 10 ——Sell by date usually near to 3 years . Just looked on line —-100 cost €56.44 and about €8.00 postage .Always enlarge the packet and read the type of B12 on offer Cynocobalamin is a cheaper form of B12 , but doesn’t stay in the system as well . There are other sources —all reliable German online pharmacies . But they often go out of stock since B12 injections are being promoted as a help for weight -loss . Sorry I have to rush out now . You will probably get better advice from others .

You also need folic acid to work with B12 .


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