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Where can I source active b12?

Hi Folks. i've posted on here before & got helpful advice. i have ME/CFS & responded very well to Hydroxy/C & Folate when i 'first' supplemented with b12. however, after about 6 months, the response from the b12 rapidly declined. presently it's doing v. little & my symptoms are piling up and dragging me down. it's possibly a case of ''diminishing returns'' or i have developed an auto-immune response to transcobalamine 11. i would, therefore, like to try out one of the 'active' forms of b12: either

1) Adenosylcobalamin or 2)Methylcobalamin. could anyone comment on 1)which one might best suit me. and where i can source it from. i'm in a very low state presently.

with thanks


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I got both methylcobalamin and adenosycobalamin as drops in purified water from they cost less than £20 each and if you order £25 or more you get free delivery. I am finding that the adenosycobalamin suits me better but may try again with the methyl later as it is still fairly early days. As I have huge food intolerances and chemical sensitivity I have been increasing by one drop every few days and am now on 10 drops a day spaced out which gives me about 759 m.c.g a day and the bottle will last for ages as it is 100ml! It is helping a bit in terms of energy but I still don't feel well (I had a blood serum level of 144 in September so it will take time). I am also giving one drop a day to my youngest three children who have all been showing signs of problems. Also I think that other B vitamins might need to be balanced as the B12 improves and I am also still going for repeat thyroid testing as my tsh has been raised so B12 may be only part of the story!


Hi Hidihi,

I'm receiving B12 injections due to anti intrinsic factor antibodies, and have been experiencing symptoms about 3 weeks or so before my 12 week injection. My doctor has been very helpful in now allowing injections every 9 weeks. However, just in case, I decided to find a B12 sublingual spray, which I found in Holland and Barrett., details below. If you search online you may find a different spray. Dr Sarah Myhill who is an advocate for people with ME, did have B12 sprays for sale on her site about a year ago. I've just had a quick look but can't find them there, but you could email or phone for more information. Good luck and best wishes, I hope this is helpful.

Holland and Barrett £11.99

Better You B12 Boost, oral spray

Contents: B12, Methylcobalamin 1200 ug

Chromium 40 ug

Green Tea Extract 0.5 mg

Also: purified water, xylitol, natural apricot flavour, citric acid

Preservative: potassium sorbate

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans


Hi, me again. Sorry, I didn't answer all your questions. I can't say how good the spray is yet, because I've only just bought it and I will hold off from using it until I start to experience symptoms again. I had a B12 injection last week, so I'm still feeling good. Other people have said that this spray works well, which is why I went looking for a Holland and Barrett. Best wishes again.


Abergavenny: thank you for this info. i'm pleased you're getting benefits from your injections. i would be interested to hear how u respond to the Spray. i take Dr Myhill's one, but i haven't specifically noticed any results. however, if i didn't take my symptoms i might be worse - a catch 22 situation.

my situation is a little different as it seems, i'm either producing anti-bodies to the transcobalamine 11 or i need injections every few days - ''diminishing returns''. however, i think it's the former as it happened rather suddenly.

with thanks HH


The spray is only £9.19 from Amazon -

I must say I didn't find it that useful (although I still use it once a day while I wait for the 5 tubes to run out). I found the 1200ug B12 + 400ug Folate patches worked much better.

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bd, thank you very much for this information. i'm glad you're getting 'some' benefits. however, with a b12 of 144, has your GP not commenced u on injections?

i've had a look @ thew Metabolics website. in fact i did some training with them some years ago.

i have a couple of questions for anybody who can comment as b12 is such a complicated subject:.

1) i've read on here and from other sources that if one takes 2 types of b12 concurrently it can clog up the cell absorption mechanism or something to that effect? does that also apply to the ''active'' forms of b12?

2)when might one opt for Adenosyl instead of the Methyl?

3)i've also read that Adenosyl is a rather unstable chemical so has a short shelf life. is this correct?

with thanks in advance for any help/comments.



Your body will transform HydroxoCB into MethylCB (assuming your methylation pathways are OK), so different types shouldn't act differently regarding cell uptake.


Hi Fbirder. thanks fro response. the Hydroxy/C, doesn't seem to be working anymore, so it's either a 'methylation' problem, 'diminishing returns' from the Hydroxy, or an auto-immune response to 'transcobalamine' 2. by taking the ''active'' forms, i'm hoping to bypass the methylation etc. to get the b12 right into the cell. think Gambit has similar problems.



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