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Symptoms returning?

Can someone please explain to me why my b12 level is 1400, SI 3x per week, iron is 12 range (11-34) and folate is >2500 normal is >1100. Symptoms were all almost completely gone after 4.5 months and all of a sudden this week many symptoms have reared their ugly head. They seem to show up and disappear. The worst being the throat tightening. It is driving me crazy! Wondering if I should try taking b12 sublingual on days in between injections. I just can't understand why all of a sudden this happens. So frustrating!

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Your body gets rid of excess B12 filtered out by the kidneys and passes out of the body in urine. The rate at which this happens varies from person to person and is quicker when your B12 levels are higher.

symptoms of B12 overlap with a number of other conditions - including iron deficiency and thyroid problems.

Studies imply that something like 40% of people with PA go on to develop hashimotos - autoimmune thyroidosis - so may be worth getting your thyroid levels checked.


Thanks Gambit62.....I had my thyroid levels checked about 2 months ago. All was good. I have a feeling my iron stores are low but there is a ridiculous rule the ministry came out with that you cannot have ferritin and iron checked at the same time unless you have a specific diagnosis😳 Always some ridiculous hoop to jump through when it comes to health.....sigh


Just wondering if you figured out why your symptoms returned Plucky11966? I seem to have the same issue with symptoms returning quickly in between shots.


Hi ChitN,

My internal med told me to double the dose of iron I'm taking as it's borderline. I'm only on 28 mg ferrous bisglycinate but that one Is combined with my folic acid so I ordered Thorne bisglycinate from Amazon. I can't find the bisglycinate anywhere where I live other than in the the folic acid I take. I took one last night and I actually had no symptoms after a couple of hours. Not sure if it's even possible to work that quickly. Could've been a fluke but I'll take it.


Thanks for info! I recently got my ferretin checked but not my regular iron levels. This illness is so tough to navigate through...


I agree! My family doc only checked my ferritin which was definitely normal. However, according to my internal medicine doc, ferritin could also show inflammation so always check iron.


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