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Help - suddenly feeling awful (after major stress)

Hi wonderful people, I need help please, to deal with sudden symptom escalation after stress.

I was doing well, neurologist discharged me 2 months ago, with sensible advice. Then I had a burst water pipe, a huge insurance claim and 4 weeks (and counting) dealing with wrecked house & belongings. For a week now I've had the worst pins and needles ever - it feels as if blunt cocktail sticks are being poked in my fingertips and the extent is far more than usual. Currently have been lying down for 2 hours in the afternoon and am having to concentrate to breathe (new symptom - don't know how to describe it, just taking big, heavy breaths). Feel weak, confused, can't stay on my feet (which are throbbing). I stagger every time I get out of the chair / car seat / bed.

I presume this is B12 issues suddenly escalating because of stress (could it be anything else?). I've been well and stable for 6 months, on 4-weekly SI, daily Vit D and folate. Have injected twice this week after I realised I was deteriorating - first jab really had a big effect - I was energetic - but it wore off in 24 hours and second time didn't do much.

I can't think what to do. I don't think I can escape the stress as the house rebuild will take til December, I'm told... am out of work and feel this will affect job interviews...

Can anyone help? Other than more supplements and SI, I don't know what to do.

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Oh my goodness, that all sounds horrendously stressful! Hope it all gets sorted out as smoothly as possible and in the quickest time it can.

Stress most definitely affects B12 levels. I'm sure lots of folk on here will agree. Personally, I notice that stress, excitement or doing something physically strenuous all affect my B12 levels, and I notice the little symptoms creep back much faster than usual. Look after yourself, and use the B12 your body tells you it needs!


thanks for the support and the really quick reply - this forum is so full of supportive people, it does help to know I can post.

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In my unprofessional opinion it sounds as though you’re experiencing an anxiety attack or possibly a panic attack. Again in my unprofessional opinion a dramatic increase in anxiety would be a perfectly normal response to what is going on in your life at present. I believe it’s reasonable to see your GP and discuss the symptoms which may or may not be related to b12 but can be eased with either a short term course of anxiolytics or talk/cognitive behavioral therapy.

Hang in there. The thoughtful breathing is a great help. I use “square breathing” which I only just heard about and found the simple directions for, online



Stress causes my B12 to crash. I have had to learn to manage stress. And be mindful of how i feel at all times.


guess I have to learn as well -- have always been rather intense! thanks.


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