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I’ve been deficient in B12 for years. I had vitamin infusions a couple years ago and felt so much better but insurance stopped paying. Last year I did a 7 day loading, then weekly for a month and then started monthly injections. I didn’t feel any difference and after researching I found I needed hydroxo. My dr doesn’t think there’s a difference between the shots so I’ve had to go rogue. Im wondering how others in the US order and where to order from? Also where do you get your needles? I have some from another medicine I have to inject but I will be out soon. I have severe neurological symptoms and want to get my levels up. They were around 30 last year and I’ve gotten up to 350 (hopefully higher now with the hydroxy). Also I have the MTHFR double mutation so I need to find a folate supplement as well. Any advice appreciated

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You need to indicate in the title that you are in the USA. Then members there will notice and respond to you

Hydroxocobalamin ampoules can be obtained from—- “mycare. de in English “—-

Search for Vitamin B12 Hydroxocobalamin, and you will see the choices . Hevert and Rotexmedica are good . I’ve used both .You need to register for first purchase . You can pay with PayPal or a card A Reliable German online pharmacy , Shipping is expensive . A shot will cost just over $1.00 if you buy 100 ampoules .Other German online pharmacies will not ship to USA. In U.K. needles and syringes can be purchased from Medisave.uk

You may get some better suggestions from fellow countrymen . Best wishes.


You can buy Methylfolate from Amazon USA .


different people do respond differently to different types of B12 but it varies from individual which is very different from being able to say that one form is better than another.

You may find it very difficult to find hydroxo in the states - not sure that any is made there. I think it is used in Brazil so that might be a more local source than UK or Australasia.

MTHFR is the gene that controls the methylation process. Generally it would mean needing higher levels of folate to ensure enough can be processed properly. Some people - including people with MTHFR do experience problems with methylated forms of both B12 and folate so would advise approaching with caution. You should be able to get methylated folate from a health food supplier as it is generally classed as a vitamin supplement rather than a drug.


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