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Morning Headaches


I have for the past two months but more so in the last month been experiencing morning headaches, like a dull ache and feel really awful when I wake up.

My eyes have also been severely dry and Optician has put me on eye drops 4 times a day and referred me to an Opthamotologist. I also feel dizzy and lightheaded with persistent bouts of diarrea usually at least once a day also I am exhausted most of the time, especially in mornings and evenings. Could this be thyroid related? I am currently trialing T3 and trying to up my dose, my iron levels are all very low - I have posted them previously and I am on 3 iron tablets a day with a view to reviewing this and my B12 which is also low. I can repost results, but I am starting to think something is wrong with my head the way it is flaring up each morning and usually lasts until around 11ish or sometimes lunchtime.

Has anybody experienced similar?

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I have read some of your previous posts. Have you been checked for h pylori?

When i was originally diagnosised with a b12 (169) and D (20) deficiency, in Oct 2014 my doctor (in US) told me to take b12 and D tablets, which i did for before quitting my job 12 months (Oct 2015) later (hoped this would help me by reducing stress - it did not help) and finally returning to a doctor in Feb 2016, because i felt worse!!!! My original tsh was .8, tt4 7.1, range 4.5-12, and ft3 3.0, range 2.3 to 4.2.

When i went back to a different doctor in Feb 2016 b12 was 246, D 39, tsh .53, tt4 6.7, and ft3 2.8. As i said, i felt worse but doctor acted as if all fine and i moved 1 week later across the country appox, 3k miles.

I waa busy and the doctor had not seemed concerned so i plodded on until i thought i was losing my mind, no exaggeration, i thought my IQ had dropped 50 points as i could not remember anything. I was sleeping 9 hours at night, waking up exshauted, taking a 3 hour nap and still exshauted, could barely get to grocery store weekly, had to use gps to get there and it was only 3 miles away.

It wasnt until Aug 2017 that i was diagnosised with h pylori. I had no stomach pain just, nausea and feeling full faster than previously. I was down to eating once a day and had put on weight. I had had very loose stool (a blob) for 3-4 years at this point but never mentioned to doctor as memory (thought i had dementia) was so bad along with fatigue that these were my major concerns.

H pylori can effect b12, iron and vitamin A absorbtion (your eye issues).

Additionally our thyroid needs b12 and iron and A and D to function properly.

Please get tested for h pylori if only to rule it out.

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