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Where do I get items to self Inject my B12

I was diagnosed with PA back in 2010 and I now have my injections every 6 weeks, I’ve asked my GP several times about self injection but never get an answer. My problem now is I’ve been so unwell since Christmas I haven’t been able to make it to my surgery for my injection so was wondering where I can get all the necessary items to self inject at home? Where do I get all the needles, syringes, yellow bin and B12 etc?

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I get my B12 ampoules -Hydroxocobalamin which is the form of B12 that the NHS uses - from a German online chemist in English

Yes type all that Iin and you will get straight through to the site in English . Search for Hydroxocobalamin , and a drop down list will show “Hydroxocobalamin acetat “click on this and the various brands will be revealed I use the Rotexmedica 1mgx1ml . I buy 100 ampoules costing €53 ,as this works out cheapest . They have a 3 year use by date .One ampoule costing 50 p !. I just looked and the 100 pack is out of stock at the moment .10 cost €7.99 plus courier cost of €8.00 ,no matter how many you order . I believe you need to register when you order for the first time . You can pay by card or Paypal .

There are also 1mgx2ml ampoules from Hevert , and they are a little more expensive .

Everything else is obtainable in the U.K. from . You need to decide how you want to inject- into the muscle ( i.m. ) or sub cutaneously (sub -cut) I use i.m. I extract the B12 with a long needle 1 1/2 “and to inject into my thigh a 1” needle with 25 gauge , which is the finest I can find in that length . I watched some utube videos about injecting into the thigh . They were a good help . I also use swabs to clean the injection area , and observe strict hygiene . I hope that this has helped you . Best wishes .


Could you explain to the doctor why you are too ill to leave the house and get them to come to you for a house call? They could surely manage to give you your injection?


My GP does a prescription for the B12 vials from the chemist, he also arranged for them to supply the sharps box. He had the 2 sizes of needles and the syringes available for me to collect from the surgery (my carer did this). The GP did this because I was no longer fit enough to get to the surgery, I was up to the idea of injecting myself and it saves the expesive DN service for those who need it. The only thing I had to purchase was the skin wipes. I gather a lot of GPs are not yet up to letting their patients do this, also some will never be physically able or emotionally willing to do this to themselves.


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