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B12 deficiency and H pylori bacteria

Hello everyone, I went to the hospital with complaints like vomiting continuously about 6 years ago, giving 10 kg per week. Results gastritis, ulcer, reflux after endoscopy. After that I started to suffer constant muscle strain. I can not stand on foot I can not exercise and it's over-affecting my daily life. My muscles extremely weak. I started forgetting something during in day. Neurologically, I went to 3-4 doctors. emg, mr nothing, everything was in order. And I have low vitamin B12 about 100. I used B12 injection and I did not see any benefit for two year. New endoscopy resulted in Chronic Gastritis output and helicobacter pylori ++ / +++ level.

What I am wondering is, could this six years B12 deficiency does a permanent neurological damage? And how can I test this?

I am starting h. pylori treatment today. How long should be gone this muscle weakness? Anybody experienced this? Thank you so much for your replies.

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So sorry you're having such a difficult time. Others with more experience than I can help you with that question about permanent damage. I do need to know how frequently you were taking B12 injections, and were you taking folic acid and vitamin D as well? It's very possible that you would feel better if you were taking injections more frequently and if you were taking the other supplements that I just mentioned. Also what was your iron level. And were you taking anything for that?. I am new at this but I think the above questions need to be answered so that more experienced people will be able to help you.

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Thank you for your reply and support. I used my injections first once a day (5 times), then once a week (5 times), then once a month (I don't remember how many times). In the tests, my vit D and folic asid were normal. CK, CP are normal levels also. I use mixed vitamins sometimes, but didn't benefit any of this about muscles. Like I said in blood tests everything was normal except B12. Thank you for your support again. I hope more people reply for this.


I think that it might be too soon to think about permanent neurological damage because there are still some other options available to you. First let's see how the H pylori works. Did the B12 shots help at any point? Did you feel as if you were ready for another shot before it was schedule?

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I had h pylori. It had taken my b12 but mysteriously my ferritin stores were at 70 so i felt those were fine. I was wrong. People with Chronic inflamation need a level of at least 100.


Two months after treatment of H pylori and I still felt poorly. I was getting b12 injections and supplimenting everything i could think of, a multi-vitamin with plenty of folate, B6... all the b vitamins really, magnesium, vitamin C, potassium, zinc. My D was fine. It wasnt until in desperation, due to continued lack of energy brain fog and weakness, that I started to supplement with iron, as everyone tells you to be careful with iron because too much is bad for you.

I felt better almost immediately. However, as i said, this was two months after I had been treated for h pylori.

I hope you feel better faster than i did.

Best of luck.


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