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Sore, swollen and cracked tongue due to B12 deficiency?

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My tongue is sometimes swollen. It has cracks down the middle and is sore most of the time and burns sometimes. I am healing from gastritis. Does anyone else have this tongue problem? I am 55 years old and would also like to know how long I can expect to see the positive effects from taking a b12 oral supplement. I am exhausted all of the time and by the end of the work day I struggle to stay awake. How much daily b12 do you recommend?

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I feel dry mouth vry dry lack of saliva...

Diagnos 3½ mnths ago..since on injections

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Thanks for your reply. I suffered from extreme dry mouth at the beginning of my gastritis illness. My tongue burned 24/7 during that time. I was miserable. I felt horrible, I was nauseated, my abdomen was sore, my stomach burned and I had no energy. I went to the ER and was diagnosed with gastritis. I was put on omeprazole and sucralfate and within 2 weeks the dry mouth went away but I still deal with the tongue issues I described in my first post. So, I wonder if b12 will help. Many things can cause a dry mouth. Yours could be due to a medication you are taking. It is very uncomfortable. I hope your dry mouth problem is resolved soon.

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My husband diagnosed with b12 defficency at 111. GP's ignore swollen tounge. Saw neurologist last week did thorough testing asked him to poke his tounge out he cannot as swollen. He has been like this for a year. Next mri's brain and spine. A question can you stick your tounge out?

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Yes I can. It is just a little swollen and sore. It has been this way ever since I developed this gastritis. It burns if I eat certain foods that do not agree with me. I am increasing my B12 supplements.

My niece was diagnosed at a glance by the surgeon who had been asked to do a biopsy for a sore tongue. It is a classic finding of B12 deficiency. She had been taking lansoprazole for a year for reflux oesophagitis which had exacerbated a genetic issue.

There is no way of predicting the time it will take to heal but it will probably be quick as the blood supply and rate of cell growth on the tongue are very good.

You should at the very least be on 1000mgs of B12 by mouth but preferably should have intra muscular injections every other day at least to start your treatment.

Sadly most GPs are very slow to re ognise classic B 12 deficiency and are unaware of correct diagnosis or treatment protocols!

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Thank you! I just started taking 250 mcg and my multivitamin has 50 mcg and I was afraid I might be taking too much! I read your reply and added another 250 mcg today and will increase to 500 mcg twice a day tomorrow. I bought a bottle of 500 mcg the other day and was splitting them because I was afraid of overdoing it. Your post helped me because this sore and slightly swollen tongue thing has been really concerning to me. Glad to know it is a classic sign of B12 deficiency. Thanks again!

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Dewbuc in reply to D_R_

B12 is very safe and it is almost certainly impossible to overdose on it as you excrete any excess in your urine. Good luck with your symptoms.

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Thank you!

I have swollen tongue and altered sense of taste, which is what finally alerted my GP to my B 12 deficiency. Three months of injections have improved it only a little. I hope you have better luck

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