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I have been away from this group for a while as i have been doing well with my B12 treatment, vitamin d and ferritin treatment as well.

But i feel like my aniexty is just getting worse, last week i got diagnosed with tieze due to having sore ribs on my right side for over a year.

It is really trigging my aniexty as i just cant get the thought of what if i have cancer? I have a swollen lymph node, (which has been scanned, everything fine) my sore side and my deficiencies and occasional night sweats if i have a bad day of aniexty, over the past year i have had about 30 blood tests, and MRI on my brain and ultrasound on my stomach, chest abd neck.

I think it just doesnt help, i dont know why i am b12 def and all the rest of my def. I have had IF, GPC and coealic tests all negative (i know the tests are not 100%), i just sit here thinking i have got cancer, i am 26 and the second i go to my doctors they put me straight onto anti depressants which i dont want, i am hoping a couple of months down the line.

Sorry for putting this on here i needed to vent somewhere.

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dealing with anxiety can be really difficult

personally I don't know why I have problems absorbing B12 - just that I do and the treatment is the same for all permanent absorption problems.

it may be helpful to develop a few strategies for dealing with anxiety - stress and anxiety aren't unique to B12 deficiency and can affect anyone in life - and there are lots of possible ways of dealing with them - though you may have to sift through a lot to find the ones that work for you.

This is a link to a post I put up on another forum about my strategy for dealing with intrusive thoughts



Thanks Gambit62 your post is very useful. I suppose i need to accept that fact that I have anxiety and try and move forward with it. I am doing everyone's head in at the moment, asking them if i am okay and that I havent got anything bad and i just sit here crying my eyes out haha.

I would love to have CBT but my doctors first approach will be anti-depressants, which i just don't want do to.


I am not a great fan of ADs either - never really did a lot for me.

Have you tried looking to see if there are any local meditation groups - or even a yoga class - that you could join.


I was on them for a week and ended up in hospital due to horrible sode effects.

Theres plenty of yoga classes i can join, my friend is always trying to pull me along, i suppose o could join her one time.

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Hi Cazzie91... I've suffered anxiety for years on and off πŸ˜”.. And just like you I think I have every disease known to man 😁 lol...and I would dwell on it until I felt l was going out of my mind, it's all about fear of the unknown 😨... What's that old saying. " there's nothing to fear but fear itself" So here's what I do... For every negative thought that pops into my head I immediately think of something positive.. It's not always easy but once you master doing it, less and less negative thoughs get through... Since using this technique I have very few anxiety attacks 😁... But don't do what I did when I first started.. I would try to force positive thoughts making my more anxious.. Nice and easy does it.. Get up and do something.. Remove yourself from the spot you're having the anxiety attack in... But nice and easy... I hope it'll start to give you some relief 😌... All the best for the future ☺


Thanks! Yeah when i was younger, if i had negative thoughts i always thought of animals like dogs etc, that got me through a rough period, i forgot i used to do that i can go back to doing that


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