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Help with first self-induction. Please!!

I'm a first time poster! I've had the B12 ampoules in the fridge for 3 months now. I look at them often, but I'm just terrified of injecting myself....I know, what a coward... But today I felt faint, my head was banging and I had to sit down twice on my short walk from the shops. It's a month until my next B12 fix at the surgery, so now, know I've got to get on with this. Could anyone advise me on what needles to get and where? And the least scary way to self-inject? Thanks!

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If you take a look at fbirder 's comment in this thread you'll see the links to the supplies that you need:

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Thank you...

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Where abouts are you? Xxx

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Hi clementsanna206... I started self injecting 3 months ago and felt the same as you 😯... But believe me once you've done a couple you'll wonder why you were so scared. And never look back... And of course you'll hopefully start to feel so much better nothing will stand in the way of your injection 💉... Be brave and reap the benefits ☺ ☺... By the way I lived in Hastings for over 30 whole family are still there as is my partners.. ☺.. You might know them.... All the best for the future 🔮 ☺....

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Thanks so much for the encouragement...I've sent off for needles (urgh..) etc. and have watched an excellent youtube so I am feeling a bit braver... I moved here 15 years ago and love Hastings - and as you know, it's all hills, so I'll love it even more when I don't have to gasp for breath on every walk!

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Don't hold back.. The longer you put it off, the more you'll think about it, Yeah I don't miss the hills ☺... We moved away 16 years ago.. My mum and brother live in the old town... And the rest of the family all over really including Bexhill... My mum is Betty's McGowan and my brother is daughter is you live on the west hill???.. My sister lives up that way... Hope you get underway soon... Do let me know how you get on.. If you're still struggling and need to be shown how to do it, I'm down visiting 3 weeks on Sunday if you'd like me to teach you ☺.. Just let me know OK... All the best for now ☺ ☺

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Frances, you're a star....I'll let you know how I get on!

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No worries.. I'll be in Hastings on Sunday 22nd October around midday... Leaving on the Tuesday around 4pm..I can bring you some syringes and needles to get you started that'll also show you what you need... But if you're all up and running by then, just let me know ☺.. Also if you want to meet up for a chat somewhere with a fellow sufferer let me know ☺... You can PM me if you want... All the best for now ☺....

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Thank you - I will!

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Frances ; I ndid it, I DID it! Right now, after managing to get the ampoule top off with my new ampoule opener... I didnt enjoy it, but it was not painful at all, and now I feel like an idiot for making such a fuss... I've just noticed that I've managed to spray droplets of B12 onto my laptop screen...I'll do better next time...thanks so much for your encouragement..

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Congratulations! :-)

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Amazon no longer do the needles. I get them from Medisave.

I can totally sympathise. I had the ampoules for over a month, trying to psych myself up to do my first one. I've given more injections to others than I care to count, so I was rather surprised at my fear.

One day I just got angry with myself and in a fit of temper, just did it. Mind you, I did feel rather sick and shaky afterwards. After nearly a year, I still get the wobbles occasionally, but nowhere near as bad. And feeling so much better is totally worth it.

Just go for it. (easier said than done, I know)

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Thank you!

Yesterday, for the first time, I gave myself a B12 injection. I made an appointment with my GP and he taught me how to do it. I was nervous but the process was really easy and it didn't hurt at all. I injected the B12 into my thigh. My doctor sent a prescription to my pharmacist for 20 doses so now all I have to do is go pick them up. Now I don't have to see my doctor again until next year. Yeah!

If you wanted to get used to what the resistance feels like and how hard to push the needle in you could always practice on an orange a few times with colored water in the syringe, it does give you an idea of how easily the needle goes in and it might boost your confidence a little.After the first one you will wonder why you worried :) Good luck and best wishes.

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That is such a good idea. Thank you so much. As soon as the dread needles arrive, I shall torture all manner of citric fruit!

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Hi Hidden , I'm wondering if you've tried injecting yet ?

I started self-injecting at the beginning of September. I had no lessons from GP or nurse (although I asked for help and have now told them I'm injecting anyway) and watched way too many videos about SI on Youtube , which really just confused me more.

Yes, I've made a few mistakes but have had very good advice from here about where exactly to inject and what is the worst thing that can happen. When I get nervous and deficient, I am too hesitant and muscles too tight, also a bit shakey. I have sometimes hit a small blood vessel close to the surface, probably when withdrawing the needle, and the worst thing that has happened is that, week 1, blood spurted out in an arc when I removed needle - but only for 3 or 4 seconds and then stopped completely! Luckily I was warned beforehand that this can happen and that it was not serious. My memory isn't very good so can't recall places to avoid yet. I have a small bruise or two (good indicator of a "no-go" area!) and am better with my right leg.

All of it has been worth the improvements I'm getting, especially in mood and energy. None of my injections have hurt me. My technique is finally improving. Everyone including my GP has noticed how well I look.

I would not recommend going it alone as I have done, but I had no alternative. It would be a whole lot easier to do with the necessary confidence if you were taught firstly by a GP or nurse - at least till you can meet up with Frances55 who made such a kind offer, and I'm sure you could double-check with her on 22nd Oct. for reassurance.

Shame there aren't adult education classes for this !

Best of luck.

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I did it! I did it!

After all the evading and giving myself excuses, I womanned up and just got on with it.And it was a breeze. And I felt idiotic at making such a girly fuss.... That was four days ago, and I'm definitely feeling better...I'm also so pleased that I've got some sort of control over the Pernicious Anaemia, rather than the lottery of the NHS. Thank you so much for your lovely email and its support. It really was a terrific help.

Thank you for thinking of me! I assembled all the kit on Monday, watched again the YouTube instructions, sterilised the ampoule and my stomach(!) and grasped the ampoule in the recommended way, both thumbs,............... And absolutely couldn't break the glass top off..... So I cleared the syringe, plaster, steriwipes, ampoules all away, and ordered online, a tool to safely break the ampoule top off.....

That arrived today, very quickly, from medisave, just as I was going out for the day.

So tomorrow is The Great Day.......I will let you, and kind Frances55, know if I survived!

I know I'm being ridiculous over this, but needles .........urgh. Wish me luck in the morning!!

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Sorry clementsanna206... I've been a bit unwell lately with a sinus infection... Just seen your post... WE'LL DONE!!!!!!!!.... ☺.... you will soon feel so much better 😊... I'm down in Hastings soon if you have time for a chat and a coffee 🍵.. Or even a glass of wine 🍷 😊... Let me know... I'm so pleased for you ☺... All the best for now....

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It would be lovely to meet a fellow fighter! A coffee in the Old Town? Cant do the weekend, but during the week, except Wednesday, it would be lovely if you could spare the time from your family?

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Hi clementsanna206... I'm arriving in Hastings around midday on Sunday mum lives in the old town ☺ and I'll be popping in to see her... What I'll do is text you on here around midday and give you a time that might suit you ☺... Do you know where the Filo is in the high street???.. We could meet there... What's your name by the way???... I'll keep in touch 😊....

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Or Tuesday??? ☺

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Hi Hidden - well done for just doing it ! Funny how big that needle looks in real life, isn't it ?

Also good to see you've got someone willing to talk it through with you in person.

After 2 1/2 years, finally I no longer wake up in pain every day: hip, back, soles of feet. I also don't wake up tired. Changing a light-bulb no longer feels like a massive chore.

Waiting for other improvements, but now expecting them !

Yes, I'm so pleased with myself!! Back in the summer, waiting for the 12 week NHS injection, I felt so indescribably ill that I had to cancel a holiday in that last 4 weeks. This time it's completely different. I self-injected twice in 5 days and this morning, I hurtled around town, the library and Lidl! I feel so happy to have some control over the P.A. and so much more energy. So good luck with your further improvement - it will happen!

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