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Help with blood tests

So I had some blood tests done after experiencing some symptoms (commonly associated with underactive thyroid) and my endo decided to check for mineral and vitamin deficiency. While my thyroid is still being not sufficiently medicated, mentioned blood tests indicate something else might be going on on top of it. My endo wasn't extremely helpful with explaining me my results. He said they're either within rage or borderline. Hope I'll get more info here.

Here it goes - ranges in the brakets:

* Iron - 10.9 umol/L (6.6 - 26.0)

* Unsaturated iron biding - 70.3 umol/L (20 - 66)

* Total iron binding capacity - 81 umol/L (41 - 77)

* Iron-binding saturation - 13 % (15 - 50)

* Ferritin not tested

Also results of full blood count:

* White cell count - 5.94 x10^9/L (3 - 10)

* Red cell count - 5.39 x10^12/L (3.95 - 5.15)

* Haemoglobin - 145 g/L (115 - 155)

* HCT - 0.447 L/L (0.33-0.45)

* MCV - 82.9 fL (80 - 99)

* MCH - 26.9 pg (27.0 - 33.5)

* MCHC - 324 g/L (320 - 360)

* RDW - 13.5 % (11.5 - 15.0)

* Platelet count - 260 x10^9/L (150 - 400)

* MPV - 11.3 fL (7 - 13)

And vitamin levels:

* B12 - 297 pg/mL (197 - 771)

* Serum folate - 3.9 ng/mL (2.9 - 26.8)

* 25-hydroxy Vitamin D (total) - 69 nmol/L (25 - 120)

Does that mean I have anaemia?

If so, what needs to be done? What needs to be taken?

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you have a microcytic anaemia - your red blood cells are a little on the small side which will make them less efficient at carrying oxygen from your lungs to where it is needed - which would explain tiredness.

Although serum B12 is difficult to interpret your results are actually quite well into the normal range which is starting to make B12 deficiency a bit unlikely (though not impossible). Things to watch out for would be a pattern of falling levels if you have historical information on levels or they continue to be monitored.

Microcytic anaemia is indicative of iron deficiency - so may be indicative of an absorption problem - your folate is a bit towards the low side so if your diet is high in folate that could also be indicative of absorption problems generally.

There's a body of evidence pointing to people with thyorid problems needing slightly higher ferritin levels to feel healthy - so your ferritin would be a low on that basis.

Might to be time see if you can get a referal to a gastro - particularly if you have any general gut issues - IBS, acid reflux.


Thanks for that Gambit62.

It's going to be hard to compare any results as mentioned vitamins/minerals have been tested for the 1st time and any full blood count (if performed) came back within its range.

I don't really have huge problems with my gut. I might experience some symptoms only when I overeat on particular food but I try not to come to that point.

I've stopped eating meat about 7 years ago and have days or weeks I don't eat any fish nor seafood.

Does being Pescetarian or quite often vegetarian could have any impact on those results?

If so, any suggestions towards changing diet?


B12 is only found in animal products - meat/fish/dairy/eggs. A few days without isn't going to make much difference. If you are eating fish then it's unlikely to be dietary if B12 is the problem.

Think the obvious avenue to pursue at this stage would be the iron and see if that makes a difference - but please consult your doctor - you can overdose on iron which none of us would want.

Do you think you might have coeliacs? This can cause problems absorbing vitamins and minerals in general. It can also affect B12? You would need to be on a diet that contained gluten if you wanted to be tested.

h pylori infection would be another obvious issue to pursue


I asked my endo about it and he said I could supplement it with over the counter iron if I feel I need to however he did not state any dose nor which type of iron I would need.

Is there any minimum dosage/type I could take which could potentially help me and at the same time not hurt me?

I'm not sure if I have coeliac or not. I don't get half of the symptoms as it's suggested however I might be or mostlikly I'm sensitive to gluten as I've been recording overall symptoms after eating it and from my observation it would indicate that's the case.

I've decided to remove gluten from my diet after it was suggested it might help with my Hashimoto's. Don't really feel like suddenly start eating gluten filled food with each meal just to be tested while I can avoid it altogether especially I've just started the elimination process.


understand - food intolerance can be a tricky one - I have problems with basmati rice but don't seem to have problems with other forms.

would suggest that you speak to a pharmacist about the iron - an over the counter supplement should be okay. Wish I could get back to studies on ferritin levels and hypothyroidism but don't seem to be able to find them at the moment.


I'll check with pharmacist and see what can be done. Thanks for that.

Food intolerance can be quite annoying at times too e.g. I'm intolerant to cumin and caraway seeds and because of that I have to avoid any Indian restaurant or eating things like curry or falafel, specially I enjoy eating falafel (even made my own version a few times but it never tasted the same). The sacrifices we have to do for our health are worth it. It makes us stronger on some levels.


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