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Tumor markers and PA

Hello everybody! I wonder if someone of you can help me...I was recently diagnosed with PA/AMAG (2 months ago and endoscopy showed metaplasia) and my haematologist requested tumor markers (CEA, C19 and CA 72-4) among other exams (thyroid leves, blood glucose, etc) to investigate the tiredness/muscle weakness and lost of weight (5 kg). They were all normal except for CA 72-4 (it was 17,9, normal range <6).

As far as I know, tumor markers aren't good to diagnose gastric cancer, but CA 72-4 seems to be more specific. Now he asked for a Abdominal CT ( which I did 2 days ago and is normal) and colonoscopy (my next exam).

Does anybody know if PA can change the results of tumor markers? Probably I shouldn't have done it in the first place...But now I've got this result and can't think in anything else besides gastric or colon cancer!

Thank you and please excuse my spelling (English is not my native language).


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fbirder , is this something that you can help with?


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