My nails are growing!

It probably seems a very minor thing to most people, but to me it's another sign that the B12 is doing it's job. My nails have been thin and brittle for years, but after 9 months of weekly jabs, they are starting to grow in stronger. It looks quite odd. Each nail has a line part way up, with thin, brittle nail above, and stronger, thicker nail below.

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  • I noticed the effects on my hair which certainly thickened up.

  • It's a nice feeling to know that things are healing, isn't it. I lost a lot of hair when I had a bought of severe anemia about 10 years ago, but then I had so much of it, that thinning it out wasn't a problem. It isn't falling like it was, so maybe that's coming back too. Oh, no! I'll revert back into being a frizz monster lol.

  • Seen it mentioned that people loose the moons at the base of their fingernails too, thumbs last to go when deficient.

  • I've only got moons on my thumbs, so maybe the others will come back too.

  • Since this was mentioned I just noticed that my moons on my fingernails are just now peaking out and only full on my thumbs....I used to have moons on all my fingernails!

  • Good for you!!! Same thing is happening to me with my fingernails. They started out like paper and are finally growing! I also had started losing my hair at my temples and it's growning back! This was even more exciting for me as a woman. I was extremely distressed over my hair loss and how brittle and dull and thin it had gotten. It's coming back shiny and growing thicker all over in just 4 months!

  • That's good news..

    I'm just worried about when will they be back for me too..😐. I've nothing of them on any fingers, and recently started b12 shots..

    Thanks much

  • My hair is either rough-textured and "scribbly"-looking or falling out - receding at temples. Have to scoop out hair after washing it in bath- enough to make a decent mouse (I haven't, by the way!)- otherwise partner said it's like sitting on a submerged nest ! Good hair day quite rare and usually after shedding. Less = more ?

    As for nails, I too have only got moons on thumb-nails now. All nails dull, pitted and vertical lines that sometimes split, leaving small black lines that have to grow out (dried blood). Not seen this mentioned before, but my mum gets it too.

    I've seen a lot worse though, and a lot more painful-looking.

    So well done, topazrat - onward and upward !

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