Hair gone so thin it's breaking my heart but can I dye it?

Sorry for posting daily on here 😬 it's just I can't find info anywhere else and you lovely people are in the know! I'm wondering about my hair! It was beautiful long and thick! Down to my bum! Now it's thin on top and dry like straw! I'm getting so many greys and in 34!! Even in my eyebrows! I want to dye it back to dark to see if it will improve the texture and look. Do you think this is advisable?! With my hair being so fragile I'm unsure as dnt wana make it thinner. I can't find any info on this. Pleaee help! The front is very thin it can now see scalp and the back! I'm using nizoral shampoo x

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  • My hair is thinning at the front as well, and I'm hoping the B12 will help with this. I'm 49 and just letting it go naturally grey. I'm unsure how dyeing hair would affect it - probably best to ask a hairdresser. I used to use Head & Shoulders but have recently switched to baby shampoo and absolutely no hair products to see if that helps.

  • Hi there- so sorry - hair loss is a symptom of underlying issues, have you had your thyroid checked? Checked for vitamin deficiency? Do you eat gluten? Other symptoms?

  • I am b12 deficient and currently half way through loading dose. Thyroid is fine apparently

  • Hi Dani82 I dye my hair which had gone thin and is dry too, and will continue to until I no longer can!

    I have switched to the less permanent sort of dye with no ammonia, and put on lots of conditioner after. I think it looks thicker when dyed. I also think the B12 injections have helped it get a bit thicker. Good luck.

  • Thanks x

  • Just before diagnosis mine was getting thin and just snapping off. i decided to go lighter rather than the dark mouse brown i was, because it made me feel better not seeing great swathes of scalp under what was left of my hair. Im two years in now and do si as and when i feel i need it, my hair has improved, but i dont think it will ever be the thick clump i had before all this began.

  • I can't go lighter. I did that last year and it's made my hair like straw as my hair naturally very dark. The hair dresser says a darker dye will help it to look a better condition. I just dnt wana cause more damage but equally want it to look healthier x

  • think that the hairdresser is more likely to be the expert on hair than most of us on here. There are a lot of products out there and they will be aware of the ones that are aimed at adding moisture and body to hair rather than drying it out so would suggest going with them.

    There is a strong correlation between premature greying and PA but unfortunately that doesn't mean that restoring B12 levels will restore your colour though it may restore some of the body - certainly has for me.

    B12 is sometimes pushed as a hair restorative - but I don't think there is any evidence that it works as such unless the cause of the thinning/loss is B12 deficiency.

  • Thank you Gambit

  • Before diagnosis every morning clumps of hair were on my pillow and my hair looked very thin.Good news since starting injections my hair is thicker and my hairdresser said my hairline was much stronger, so hears hoping yours will improve also!!

  • Thanks for giving me hope x

  • Hi, i went grey in my late twenties and hair line has gradually receded and thinned but not so much so you can see my scalp. I had my hair cut short and still dye it although it has been a bit of a pain as sometimes dye didn't take properly. Since I got diagnosed and have been getting more b12, my hair has got thicker and although hairline not yet growing back, I am getting new little hairs there. I am still very grey though, don't think my colour will ever come back! Good luck with it as it is awful when your hair gets affected! X

  • Thank you. Here's hoping for a miracle x

  • Also I use Daniel field hair colour its really kind to hair and does not damage it.IT works for me anyway.His other products are good too.Sounds like an ad but I avoid harsh chemicals on hair now.

  • After years of complaining about my thinning hair, and probably because I got so upset about it when telling her, GP prescribed Regaine in Feb 2017, which is a foam applied to scalp once a day (at bedtime). I have short hair so I then just rinse my hair in the shower each morning, only because I don't really like the feel of it (I'm funny about stuff on my hair, ie hair spray etc so maybe I'm just fussy ;) )

    Regaine (Minoxidil 5%) is quite expensive if bought over the counter so a prescription is ideal, if your GP will oblige ;)

    Although slow, I did see some improvement but, since B12 injections alt days for the past 5 weeks, I have seen significantly more improvement, which is great. I do still use the foam though, and will continue to until I have a full head of hair again, and then I'll try stopping it and see what happens. The foam, if it helps, will only help while using it so, if one stops, the hair will return to it's former state gradually. I think my thinning is due to B12 def, to be honest, as the improvement has been a lot faster during the last few weeks.

    My hairdresser takes photos each appt (5 weeks apart) and I also take photos so I have a record of how it progresses.

    Good luck :)

  • Thank you for this info. I shall ask my gp about this on the next visit. A good luck with your continued hair journey

  • Hi, my hair went really fine and rather than colour it I used a shampoo called Grow Me by watermans...within a week my hair was stronger and thicker.

  • Iv seen that advertised, it works then?!

  • Hi Dani82...dyeing your hair might give it a bit of volume.. But believe me it will definitely dry it out... Dyeing can also make the hair split and break.. So could probably counteract the condition... I've been colouring my hair for over 10yrs now.. And every now and then I have to give it a rest to allow it to repair itself.. There's loads of other less damaging products out there ( chemical free) that would work.. Including wash in wash out colours.. I used to use them ☺... Go online but make sure you look at the side effects before you buy ☺... And a wee bit of encouragement for you... I was diagnosed 3mth ago and si every other day.. My hair thinned at the sides and is now all growing back.. So hopefully it won't be too long before yours does aswell.. ☺.. All the best ☺...

  • That is only when you bleach it.

    Dying with colours with no bleach can really improve and protect hair quality, please read the facts and figures before posting incorrect information :/

  • I did a international health and beauty course over a three years period... And I definitely know that permanent and semi permanent colours contain hydrogen peroxide which chemically changes the colour of the hair pigment.. The amount of damage depends on how often it's used and the age of the person... And there's no need to be rude.........

  • Rude???? Oh gosh I'm sorry if I came across as rude? That certainly isn't my intention at all I'm grateful for every comment I receive.

  • That wasn't for you sorry you thought it was.. It was a reply to a post made by Granny... And yes you have been nothing but polite ☺... Hope you get your situation sorted soon.. All the best ☺

  • How long ago? Because modern hair dyes (if not lightening the hair) don't contain hydrogen peroxide.

    I didn't read my comment as being rude, but then I'm poorly so I don't know any more.

  • All modern permanent colours have oxidizers (hydrogen peroxide) and ammonia mixed in with the colouring agent before application....and depending on how much is used by different manufacturers depends on the damage to the elasticity of the hair...I actually do know what I'm talking about... Sorry to hear your unwell.. As am I 😔.. All the best ☺

  • I was under the impression that semi permanent colours, such as those by garnier nutrisse actually didn't have hydrogen peroxide in them, at least that's what I was told when I asked if it was safe to use with birds in the house.

  • Sorry looking back at my post I meant to omitt the semi ... That's why I recommend to Dani to use wash in wash out (semi) I thought we were talking about permanent... Yeah semi is plant extracts.. Kinder on the hair... But one should always be careful of very cheap ones as they can contain chemicals... All the best ☺

  • Hi Dani82, I'm wondering if you are taking your cofactors? B Complex etc? Also, I expect as your B12 injections continue you will notice your hair regrowing. I've had injections for 3 years now and still my hairdresser is still exclaiming over the new hair growth. For all my adult life my hair was thin and lifeless. I've had to wait all this time to have thick, bouncy hair! Have faith, your hair will regrow and you will be happy. I hope you are keeping a diary? Soon you will be able to look back and see how far you have come. Good luck!

  • I started going grey in my 30s. Last year when I was 56 I was completely silver from the ears forward. Since I started getting my B12 shots last spring I now have a patch of black hair forming around my widows peak. So strange. I know it won't go back to being completely black but I certainly didn't expect to ever see dark hair around my face again.

  • My bedroom floor looked like we had a golden Labrador - but I was so far gone with other symptoms I didn't even care. So. My hairdresser was in charge - I have kerastraight which takes ages & costs a fortune but makes blonde hair shiny & smooth - highly recommend- now I self inject every other day and I'm no longer shedding hair anyway - hang in there ..

  • Thank you. I tried using olaplex but it made my hair worse and hurt my scalp.... I'm just praying the jabs help! It's my last jab of loading dose on Friday then I go to one every 3 months! I already have a feeling that won't be enough 😬

  • It will be interesting to see - if I was you, knowing what I do now, I'd be getting my order in to Germany to self inject. I could kick myself that I didn't take control sooner - but then I could hardly remember my own name at the time! Good luck

  • I shall certainly look into it. So I can't but it in the uk?

  • Confused! Do you mean buy B12 for injecting? Not in the uk - the hair stuff yes - though I know which of the two is probably most important to our health - though to be fair, with hair it's a close call!

  • I meant the b12 😊

  • PS I looked up kerastraight - you could try the intense boost to see if it has any impact - I get the nuclear strength KS ultimate- worth every penny ...

  • Henna is supposed to strengthen hair as well as colour it and with naturally dark hair this could be useful. After chemo my dark hair came back totally white and very dry and frizzy. I suspect this may have been caused by undiagnosed B12 depletion. To correct the damage I used henna wax, which does not colour the hair. I also tried Ojon products. Some colour has returned since, but I won't use a harsh peroxide containing colour agent. Try the Loving Care products that last 6-8 washes as these have no harsh chemicals. Also toners can help without using chemicals that damage the hair. Good luck!

  • Hi theres, I'm the exact same. I am 23 and had thick brown hair down to my bum.... it got so thin, hair always falling out and looked dead I decided to cut it off. Broke my heart too I always loved my hair, but I can even feel pain where my hair follicles are. I don't know about actual dye but when my hair started going grey I used henna, a natural dye. That worked for me, my hair could stand it and the colour covered my greys. Maybe this will work for you too

    Hope it starts to improve for you

  • I'm so sorry your going through it to! It's heartbreaking x

  • Hi this happened to me before I had got diagnosed. I had think long hair and it has gone really thin and you could really notice. But with the B12 injections and around 6 months on its starting to get back to how it was but it does still fall out. I had to stop straightening it and just blew dryed it a little, I'm to scared to dye it as I think it will make it worse. But I can notice it is getting much healthier now. Give it time and yours will to

  • Thanks for the hope x

  • I echo all the comments made here. I went through the losing hair and greying stage and it really upset me as I had always had long, thick and healthy dark hair. I had it cut to shoulder length and over time as I got on top of my deficiency it did grow back and it is very healthy and long again. I have it dyed with a natural colour every 6 weeks and my hairdresser advised that over chemical dyeing due to my condition.

    Good luck I know it helps to know there is hope and I wish I'd had a similar support forum when I was diagnosed over 20 years ago x

  • Thank you so much for sharing! I'm glad you had a happy ending with your hair

  • I'm also in agreement with lots of folks here. My hair was super thick before I became extremely deficient but after a year suffering with PA I had hair breakage at my temples, grays came in looking lack luster and hair was strawlike and I was getting very upset when I saw the thinning hair at temples were turning into A major receding hairline! I thought because I was then just turning 65 that it was an age thing! After diagnoses, hospitalization with major blood transfusions and B12 loading doses completed snd iron transfusions, my hair has now grown back to about 3 inches at my temples and it came back mostly like my natural hair color of a light golden brown. This was the best confidence booster ever. I did go to hairdresser and decided to dye my grays to match my natural hair color with an all natural non ammonia dye and that also helped to keep it shiny and healthy again. I know it's a minor thing compared to everything else I am going through and I'm not really vane but my hair loss was freaking me out! Guess it's a woman thing? I hope your hair comes back too and while I hadto cut my hair shorter during this transition so it didn't look long and stringy while growing back I decided I love how freeing my shorter but now full thick and shiny hair is. By the way, my fingernails took a major beating with this B12 deficiency and were like paper and they too are coming back stronger. Best of luck to you!!

  • My suggestion is to try and stop using normal shampoos and change to a shampoo soap bar which is 100% natural. I buy from an online shop called the funky soap company and have used the blonde soap for about a year and my hair is much stronger and thicker. Apple cider vinegar mixed with warm water and sandlewood oil (about 4 drops is enough) is also good for conditioning and thickening hair. My hairdresser is well impressed with the condition of my hair now, even though I bleach it to hide the greys.

  • I found this link for you:


    "With a few precautions, coloring thinning hair can be safe -- and may even protect the hair shaft from breaking.

    There's a myth that permanent hair-color is damaging, but that's only true if you bleach your hair or if you use the color incorrectly.

    Meanwhile, semi-permanent colors that are acid-based may protect around the hair cuticle, and acid-based colors may coat -- and protect -- the hair, says Sonia Badreshia-Bansal, MD. She's a dermatologist and clinical instructor at the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine."

    Hope this helps! :-)

  • Thank you

  • Dani, Look up catalase


    Biotin with vit B


    a good nutritionist will help.

    As for putting some color on your hair, have you tried organic henna?

  • Hi. I just posted info that may help but also there is an amazing hair product line that is chemical free and encourages hair growth. Has helped many people with hair loss, even if due to underlying issues. Here is website and if you want to see testimonies I can guide you there on Facebook.

  • Sorry Dani82 to hear about your hair problems. Our hair is our crowning glory so when it start to become weak and thin it can effect us in many ways.

    Personally, my hair problems didn't start until my diagnosis of hypothyroidism in 2011, I have PA since 1986. Therfore, I find the responses you have received from your post very interesting.

    I have tried everything but nothing has really worked although some things have had a positive effect for a short time. I use Aveda hair products, not cheap but at least what hair I have looks shiny, healthy and clean. Aveda is plant based, so I do not do harm to my brittle hair. Aveda colour is also plant based but I can't be sure if some chemicals are in the mix.

    Aveda has a hair treatment range for thinning hair called invati, very expensive and it did not work for me however, a friend with heart disease ( no PA or thyroid disease) had excellent results.

    Biotin N helped me, it's a combination of vitamin B complex and trace elements but my hair fell out again when I stopped using it.

    Perhaps ask your GP to check that you don't have any other type of anaemia, selenium, folate and zinc deficiencies?

    Alpecin shampoo is aimed at peri and post menopausal women whose hair is thinning due to hormone issues, although you don't fit the age criteria, it might be worth trying as it's not expensive.

    My Aveda hairdresser has advised me not to dye my hair at the moment because it is really thin, brittle and poor but maybe for you adding a dye might help you feel better. Speak to your hairdresser as he/she knows your hair best.

    Hope you get results soon.

  • Hiua, I have low iron stores and had the same problem as you with my hair thinning, I felt very insecure so seeked advice privately as my GP is useless. For good Hair and nail growth iron levels must be above 70 and stay above 70! Tinting your hair will do no harm but steer clear of bleach and it would be better to get it done at a salon instead of a box dye. I hoped this helps xx

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