Hair loss?

Ever since I stopped receiving treatment 6-7 weeks ago, I've noticed that my hair has started to fall out. My hair is naturally really thick and over this short period of time it's gotten as thin as it's ever been. 

It started when I was washing/brushing my hair, I'd notice 4/5 long strands coming out at a time and, now, it comes out whenever I touch it or run my fingers through it.

Has anyone else experienced this? 

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  • Why did you stop receiving treatment?  B12 absorption issues do not just go away.  

    I continue with injections but also notice hair loss as lots of extra hai in my comb.  Not excessive but still more than a few years ago.  I'm  58 so I took it to be age related.

  • Believe me, it wasn't my choice. I've been tossed around by 4 different GP's and the only one currently available at my practice has no knowledge of B12 deficiency and believes I "have been cured" and no longer need to take folic acid or continue with B12 injections.

    I finished a 10 injection loading dose (3x a week for 2 weeks and then 1x a week for 4 weeks) and had a blood test taken about 10 days later. My GP read the results and seemed happy that my levels were steady enough (I believe they were somewhere around the low 200's from what I saw on the screen) so he said I hadn't to continue with any treatment.

    A previous GP put it down to "crappy diet" and the only helpful doctor in that place has taken her annual leave, so, I won't be able to see her again until June.

  • suggest that you find out exactly what the result was - you can ask for a print-out.  If it really was in the 200s then that is actually low considering that the amount you were given in loading shots is enough to last a normal person several years.

    Consider contacting the PAs in the hope that they may be able to speak to GP and get through to them ... and/or consider moving to another surgery ... and/or start treating yourself.

  • I'm guessing he considered it high because last time I was tested, my B12 levels were 93 or 97. He didn't seem to know anything regarding the condition, though.

    I have considered self injecting, but, I'll have to do more research.

    I didn't know you could request a printout of your results. I'll definitely do that!

  • I cant agree more with gambit. If you had that much put in you i think your readings should be a lot higher than 200.

  • Hi KCxo,

    Please get your exact results and post them here for members to comment. This is a very serious illness and we, as sufferers cannot allow our Primary Carers to Not treat it as such.


  • Let us help you. I also was not knowledgesble until I joined this site. Very informative and you will be armed with the proof & knowlefge. Doc, can't ' FOB' you off.

  • Yes, if my levels drop my thin, fine hair drops out in handfuls!   I keep it long and usually tied up so it isn't too noticeable to other people and it does grow again if I get and metabolise enough B12.

    Good luck!   

  • There is a wonderful BBC documentary (just 7 mins) about the amazing Dr Chandy, third video down on this site here it talks about this woman's hair loss and its direct relation to the cessation of her B12 shots.  Another doctor if you can find one, or take Gambits advice.

  • Yes me. When my injections, were coming close to re-newal. Improved since suppimentimg with spray & tablets.

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