Neuropathy & pedicures

I use to quite enjoy treating myself to a pedicure every now & with neuropathy I find it pretty torturous & the nail technicians don't seem to understand why my feet are so sensitive. I know it's a very small thing in the list of issues with PA but sometimes the little pleasures in life can boost you up when you're not feeling the best.

Here's hoping everyone still finds pleasure in the small things in life! Take care! 🐯

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  • Thank you! Is there any way you can get more injections and so banish most of your symptoms? If you still have symptoms like that your body probably sustaining more damage rather than mending.

    Maybe you could then enjoy some big things too! x

  • Hi deniseinmilden I am currently injecting daily cyano...still waiting on some relief. SI cyano 1x/month for 20 yrs so I've probably been low a long time. 3 months ago started every other day with no improvement so 2 months ago switched to every day. Trying to be patient as I've heard some people say it can take a while to notice improvement. Just received 10 ampoules of hydroxo that I ordered from & im excited to try it this weekend. I also just started some methyl spray for under the tongue. Don't know what else to do. Would love to enjoy some big things again! Thanks for your response!

  • They were all the things I could have suggested so try them and see!

    I SI 1.5 mg in 1 ml hydroxocobalamin daily and take lots of supporting supplements and have seen a gradual improvement over the last year, since I decided it was "kill or cure!" and just gave my body everything it wanted. I decided I'd rather be as alive as possible while I could be, even if it meant I might die sooner. Now I feel so much better I am starting to need less of the extras so I have more flexibility in doing things and I don't seem quite so much like an addict!!!

    Sounds like you're getting it sorted! Go for it! 😀

  • Hi BigCatFreak

    With neuropathy I would suggest that a chiropodist/podiatrist would better understand your condition rather than nail technicians who do not have medical training. Even with podiatry treatment I have had to ask my girl not to thin the nails using the drill as it makes the big toe nails more likely to split. I know this treatment is not as pleasurable as a pedicure but it is safer. Hope this is of some help.

    best wishes

  • Hi butterflyEi I wasn't actually seeking treatment from the nail techs, just want them to be gentle lol. I've seen a podiatrist...treated me for plantar fasciitis which I have together with neuropathy that I now see a neurologist for. Thanks for your reply 😁

  • Are you taking supplements? This is very important and also a gluten free diet and a banana a day for potassium. A good B Complex and B6 and Vitamin C also help heaps.Throw everything at it!

  • I take methylfolate, potassium and magnesium along with a few others. I have a follow up appointment with my neurologist tomorrow to find out test results on things like gluten sensitivity and he told me to hold off on the b-complex until I get the results back. Didn't know vitamin C had an effect...I will definitely start taking some. Thanks for the advice!

  • Maybe a long foot soak with a lot of epsom salts might make this bearable.

  • Thanks Leverette, trust me...I take an epsom soak at least 3 nights a week and sometimes every day!

  • Me too. A concentrated foot soak might just make your pedicure bearable.

  • Ah, I'm very lucky in that respect. My daughter is a beauty therapist and understands about my sensitive pinkies and piggies. She's extra careful to make sure that she doesn't do anything to hurt me. Although I did nearly kick her in the face once when she massaged a particularly sensitive bit!

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